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Cred Chips
A Corpies best friend

I've heard ICly a few times, that there are places where you should not be able to use paper money to make purchase, but only through credit can purchases be made. This is an awesome concept and would help drive home the theme of Sindome. In said places where credit should be the only means of purchase, (as of right now) you can only make the purchases with chyen, the cred chips can't be used for purchases right now.

Since we have such a large amount of corpie players, I would like to see this get pushed through. Give the mixers one more thing to gripe about, and give the corpies another trendy new toy to show off. Every corpie should have a cred chip and almost never carry tangible money on them, other than some random chump change to toss around at the bar after work.

I agree, since for the first time ever we have a truly thriving corpie playerbase it finally needs to be implemented. The problem is it's probably not a trivial task since how shops work is based around physical chyen. It would definitely increase the divide between corpie and mixer though.

Yes, More Cred chips. And more cred chips being stolen , hacked , bank accounts emptied and god knows what else !

More like, more bare chyen being stolen.

This is the problem credchips are intended to solve.

Let's consider supporting the abuse of credchips after we see some adoption of credchips. And we might see that after we see more cash based abuses.

I find it unthemely that locked-briefcases are the preferred way for corporate characters to handle large payments from one character to another. Mixers? Okay, maybe. Especially since credit chips don't work where there's no SIC signal. But corpies?

Even without stores working, there should be many, many character-to-character payments happening via credchip every day. Why aren't there?

Get your fucking game on, all you pickpocketers and thieves! I don't see anywhere near enough deterrent to "carrying cash" happening right now, and I don't see anyone cashing in on the easy loot either. It's easy fucking money!

This has been ready for a while now, but I'm not sure we announced it. At any rate, I became aware today that people don't seem to be aware, so I'll bump this thread here by letting you know that credchips can be used instead of dirty cash chyen in certain stores now.

This is pretty neat. Go into a store and have the option to pay chyen or cred chip. (1st hand experience.)


There is at least one kiosk where you have this choice, too.

Is this more widely implemented now? Can cabs be setup for CredChip?

Oh, that might be more for the idea section but I like the idea of cabs accepting cred chips. Only problem I see is what account does it go to and how does the cabbie get his tip? (Figuring that a chex biz account is used.)

Themely I can see it. Restaurants and bars would accept cred chips too. (Goes to try.)

It would still be nice to see wider implementation on this in topside levels.

it would be amazing if cred chips stopped using 'card' as an alias. Cards are a common item and there's no resson the two should get mixed up!

Another vote for wider QoL updates for cred chips, specifically on Green at least, perhaps? It took me an embarrassingly long time to notice some stores differentiate between 'chyen' and 'credit', and it doesn't help that the stores that do / the items that do don't necessarily make make sense.

Also, being able to 'slot chip' like we can 'slot chyen' in cabs would be -nice-.

They've been overdue an overhaul for a long time. It's just fallen behind other more important projects.