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deck of cards not working
It's still not screen reader accessible

okay so! I understand, this isn't one of those issues that are on the top of the list to fix. I really do. However, after over a year since I last sent this complaint, the deck of cards, still are not screen reader accessible. I remember speaking to Johnny about this problem over a year ago, when I was playing another character. while I understand, it's not a major issue, and that there are many major issues to be fixed, can we please pretty please, get this one fixed? Simply considering how long it's been a problem? I'd really appreciate it. You'll have my undying gratitude. Thank you for reading this.

Heh. I had forgotten that these things existed at all. Maybe a better solution would be to RP their functionality? I could think of a million ways that this could work.

I suspect the reason that it's not getting any priority is because people don't need another excuse to sit in their cubes or avoid advancing the RP, or keeping objects laying around which don't result in more deaths, murders, betrayals, and other ironic situations that are the hallmark of Cyberpunk.

I remember the last time the KMB had a blackjack night: One person showed up, played a few very awkward games which took forever due to the awkward interface, and quickly moved on to other matters.

I think figuring out a good way to RP playing cards is going to be by far and away your best bet.