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Description & nakeds are for sensing
Not intuiting or extra-sensory knowing.

Not looking to hijack but a similar concern:

I'm also not a fan of @descriptiond or nakeds which gives away biographical information which the reader/looker has no way of knowing.

It's not the same category as powergaming/telling the reader/looker what to think or how to react, but, show, don't tell.

If your character went to Eton, you can't come right out and say that. But what CAN someone see which gives the clues that they're posh and elite and naturally has this sort of thing in their background?

If your character's scar came from a helicopter blade, you can't come right out and say that, but what CAN you say that describes what a helicopter blade injury might actually look like?

If your character inherited bubonic hanta leprosy from a parent, you can't come right out and say that, but what CAN you say that illustrates how the disfiguring results are actually perceived?

It's basically OOC messaging about IC details to do this. Please don't put into a @description facts which in-character PCs cannot know.

Additionally - I'm not a fan of putting manner into @describe either. @lp, @tp, pose and emote are for this. An accurate impression is fine ("zir movements are puma-like and CRDinated") but when people put actual activity or action into their @describe ("ze's hands are wringing"), three things happen! 1. I cringe. 2. Something happens which contradicts the static, lazy message (shaking hands, carrying things, getting one or both severed.) 3. One trains oneself to deliberately avoid roleplaying mannerisms. In my experience, I find a high correlation between this kind of @describe and an absence of poses and emotes.