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... even rodents fight when cornered....


now can someone explain the whole... fighting... thing to me?

i mean... to be honest i'm quite confused as to how it all works.

and when i say confused about how it all works.. i mean ALL... not just a few parts.

like commands and their uses and stuff like that. yeah.

point me in the right direction.. so no twinking happens anymore ;)

oh and... what's twinking? i mean... other then punching someone in the arm... :P


ps. oh and if this has been covered... point me in that direction.. cause i don't remember seeing a really complete explenation for someone who has no clue. :)

(Edited by Bias at 9:33 pm on May 16, 2002)

type 'help combat'

read all that and then ask more questions :)

oooo very helpfull. :)

i'm no longer confused and no more twinkyness shall ensue.