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Functional Parity to Radbanes

RadBane sunglasses to not have mechanical parity with other purchased clothing items in the game. one of the reasons players are not allowed to make items like helmets, umbrellas, and shrouds is because of the expectation of functionality in coded items. It is for this reason that I believe RadBanes -should- have this functionality in order to functionally match other coded sunglasses, though the mechanical effect should probably be different in order to distinguish them from other coded eyewear.
For me to look at this, I'm going to actually need you to be specific here as to what you're asking for - because to be honest, I have no idea. All I know is that they're related to Radbane's and somehow related to helmets or other wearable items.


I believe the intent of the idea is for these sunglasses to give a stat buff like some purchased clothing items do, as currently they do not.

What Dreamer said. I am unfortunately able to explain thoroughly and specifically why I think this is a problem on the forum, as it would be discussing game mechanics. Please feel free to yellow-text me in game if you would like me to give my full explanation.

unable, not able. ugh.
Probably best to email us if its a lengthy item, not something for xhelp. Thanks!
Not every store bought wearable has a stat bonus nor should they all have one. I personally do not see why this particular item needs to be adjusted at all.

Good idea, thank you!