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Gender and RP

Since the appear command, people's gender and RP seem to often not match at all. Folks who use appear because they are presenting as another gender for RP reasons seem to work fine, but people slip off their disguises or whatever and start acting like a seductive mona -- with 'he' pronouns -- or like a manly mano -- with 'she' or 'they' pronouns -- and it's all really a little unclear.

I don't know what the solution is, exactly. (I think people have advocated before a cooldown on gender-changes via appear, which might help) Regardless, though, it creates some weird interactions between the code and RP.

The answer to this is probably just to not put too much expectation or preconceptions on someone's gender, and rather just treat their actions by their own merits and qualities.
In the announcement thread they encouraged people to call others out in this situation. There's info in there regarding their vision for it.
I personally hate how much disguises in general are 'abused'. People putting them on for every little thing. They remove RP almost entirely unless you want to go around beating on every shrouded person you see (you'll be VERY busy). You do not need a shroud to go to a bar. You do not need a shroud to go update your clone. You DO need a shroud if you're going to bomb your arch-enemy's home, and even then, it'd probably be more fun for everyone involved if you didn't shroud.

But in terms of the gender pronouns and 'appear', it is just made it completely so anyone who's shrouded is 100% unidentifiable at all points. Which, for items any immy can get a week in without effort, is ridiculous (and devalues people who actually invested in the appropriate skills/stats). I'd much prefer shroud items all keep your pronouns (because even then, they're super good) and 'appear' be locked behind a very hefty amount of disguise skill and stats. Go put on a hoodie and try to appear as someone fatter or a different gender. Then do it in front of a mirror. Think you'll fool anyone, let alone someone scrutinising you?

Also, perception should play a role in identifying people.

If you see someone flippantly using appear without solid RP behind it, report it in a note. If we see a pattern we will contact the player and help them understand better what level of RP is expected when using appear.