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Getting robbed on disconnect.

I obviously get that if you are dumb enough to log off in public you deserve to get robbed but what about people with a shitty connection. For example your isp disconnecting you for like 5-10 minutes and finding all your shit gone.

I just feel like there should be a protection for if you disconnect in public for a few minutes.

Thanks for reading And I would love to hear other opinions on the subject.

It is common courtesy to wait about 15 minutes if someone disconnects suddenly and unexpectedly.

Though a user command or server trigger to flag someone as linkless would be nice.

This belongs in the ideas section, folks. Please open a topic there about this. Then post in this thread to remind me to delete it. Otherwise, next time I check,I will delete this thread.

Yeah. It can be hard to know how long someone has been disconnected too. If you walk in and see someone there, you might have no ides. Personally I error on the side of caution and just don't robb sleepers for the most part.

The rules change has made this threat pointless please delete.