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Getting wet vs material

So this is definitely non-critical, but it's kind of a pet peeve of mine. Metals and other solid wearable items getting "soaked" or "damp". Can we change the messaging on certain materials to read something more realistic, like "Beads of water cling to ".

Maybe add a few different materials so those tailors making stuff like shades and metal stuff can have the appropriate messaging as well?

Just a thought.

You mean the "solid" wearables players construct out of fabric or things like armor?
Rolexes come to mind.
There's a few, actually. I actually wrote up this post after watching someone wearing a "damp" object that shouldn't have been damp, and then shortly afterward saw another one with a similar object that had the appropriate "beads of water" messaging.

But to answer your question, Johnny, I'm referring to static game objects (like armor described as "plates") that just don't seem to have the correct messaging. I'll start going through stuff to see if I can get a more appropriate list of items that are constructed of metal/composites that probably shouldn't be getting soaked through, for review.