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Gold Crate Running
Chuck's deliveries are annoying for different reasons...

Okay, so I'm not exaggerating here when I say that I've literally ran four jobs in a row from Chuck's to Josephines. And while I don't care because that's an easy run, I'm like why isn't he trying to get me to go anywhere else?

Maybe it's the fact the "pool" of jobs is very shallow, but it does become uber repetitive after a bit.

Maybe we could add more places for him to deliver, the neotrans cafe, the neotrans lounge, something that gives it a little more randomness instead of four trips to Josephines to deliver underwear.

Just my two cents.

When giving your two cents, please, for the love of the baby Jesus and all things holy amen. Give your two cents in the correct section.

This is an Idea's thread. Not a Game Problems & Complaints thread.