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Gossip And NPC Order

Right now, NPCs process the 'I heard gossip' line after they process 'greetings' like 'hi' or drinks like 'sake.'

So, for example, you can't say 'I heard gossip that Johnny is off his rocker', because the NPC will process that as 'hi'. Or you can't say 'I heard gossip that We need the judges to leave Withmore for all our sakes." because that will process as sake.

I think any line that begins with 'I heard gossip that' should take precedence over the other things the NPCs are listening for. Otherwise, you have this weird, un-IC moment of editing your gossip and repeating it 10 or 15 times while you try to figure out what magic words you need to avoid.

Yeah, this seems prudent.
I'd add a request to give the same priority to the word "rumors" as a substitute for "gossip." Otherwise you find yourself unintentionally ordering rum.
I could envision it being a two step command, first you tell the NPC something like 'hey, i got some gossip', and then the next line by you will ignore any other triggers and just capture exactly what you said.

Otherwise just ignoring every trigger after gossip could fix it as well.

It's already gossip, and we don't use rumor so that you avoid ordering a rum. Using rumor doesn't work at all. Even if there is no rum on sale. Please see original release note.

I've made some changes to make drink parsing a bit better, but it isn't perfect yet. See release note in the improvements thread.