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Having some difficulties...

You've got a sweet looking game here, but I can't seem to log into it to play. After jumping through the various hoops of joining and setting up the character, I was given some random ridiculous name (Poser, followed by a long string of random numbers), which I was told could change at a later date. Fine, I can work with that, I guess.

So I went to manage characters and clicked the "Play Now" tab on our old buddy Poser, but after your client loaded in my browser I got the following message:

"You've never had the urge to kill yourself until now."

Either that player does not exist, or has a different password.

I"ll hold off on killing myself, but I would like to bang my head against the wall. lol

So... what now?

Please email [email protected] with this issue, don't despair!
Just type 'connect Posername passwordemailedtoyou'