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I want to know kung-fu!

Just wondering if there is / has been any recent god (admin) chatter on the aim of getting some more substantive cyberspace up in this bizzitch?


For certain values of "substantive".

You may or may not be aware of everything ICly, both plot wise and MOO wise. I'm going to guess, Not.

If you're not going to bother to post something relevant, why reply at all? You seem to be aware of what 'substantive' means, so I'm confused as to your thought process in applying it to your own impulse to post.

The Grid has been kicking around as either a matrix stand-in or something to gnaw on a bit while the real cyberspace was getting worked on for something like, eight years now? A bit longer? I'll grant it was a cursory search, but I didn't see anything on the subject recently, I've been away awhile, so I was curious.

It's not an IC question/answer.

The "Yes" answer was OOC.

The details are IC.

that ^

I'm trying to figure out how this title explains this conversation and I got it, I think, Matrix's download skills in thing right? I know total sidetrack but that title is too!

Mk, whatever, thanks I guess, heh. It was an OOC question about a feature (or potential feature) of the game, I wasn't asking for IC info or knowledge. Didn't realize that wasn't reasonable.

It's being build by midgets though, so you won't like it. :)

Hah! Dat, like, 13-year-old inside joke, though! :) I still haven't forgiven Iga, wherever he is.

Jesus I'm old.