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Is this a bug on the BgBB??
found this on a late night forum session

 Ok.... I've only been on the forum for maybe two months...I was doing some catch-up reading on some pretty old posts and I noticed that  on one of these old posts, I believe it was titled "Very Odd" under this section of the boards... GP&C.....  there's a member named Bert whose posts are like 01ish,  yet they include my current signature, as well as my post count and the date I joined the forum. Pretty weird when it says I joined Oct 09, but the post was made in 01.. just thought someone should know.
 I do in fact share the same avatar as this other member, but it's the same one used by Sidd and it doesn't do the old switcharoo with his info.....  I dunno what it is, but hey you guys are the pros, not me...

It's a bug.  I noticed that a long time ago as well, going through old posts.  Anyone who views that see's their own avatar and signature.