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Jobs System
Never have any money

I'm -very- sick and tired, of NPCs giving you -one- damn chyen when you drop a delivery off, it never used to happen much, it's happened on like, the last three deliveries I've done, and I'm getting sick of it, I'm also going to @bug this, because it -is- a bug, I know you guys can track the chyen players have incoming/outgoing. this should be fixed, I mean, I slap a bartender because they don't pay me, and -instead- of fixing the problem, you guys put an IC bounty on me, I mean seriously, how about you guys just..fix it? modify the system to pull money out of its arse, instead off off of the NPCs or something, because it has to stop. It's unIC for me to walk around, and let people rip me off.
How about trying to actually talk with the NPC, or perhaps give a GM some fucking -time- to puppet them before you flip out and start slapping people?

And as for your problems regarding the previously mentioned IC information, I would suggest you try and handle it -ICly-.  You slapped someone, then killed them.  In a public place.  A public place where dangerous people have business interests.

If some arrogant cunt killed someone you pay good money to watch over your place of business, would you be happy about it?  Think IC.  For fuck's sake.

And just so you know, it is generally us GMs who have to fix these problems.  Not coders.  Its not a code issue.  I'm not saying you're wrong for bugging it, but constantly bitching and moaning and sending in multiple bugs over and over will make both the coders and GMs rather disgruntled with you.  As if most of us aren't disgruntled lately when it comes to you anyway.

I'm asking you now, politely, to please try to make rational choices with your character, FROM YOUR CHARACTER'S POINT OF VIEW (i.e. IC), be it your current one now, or another one down the road.  You've been here a long time now.  Most of the crap we've had to talk to you about lately you honestly should have known years ago.  Thank you.

(Edited by Chaos at 7:13 pm on Oct. 10, 2005)

modify the system to pull money out of its arse, instead off off of the NPCs or something, because it has to stop. It's unIC for me to walk around, and let people rip me off

I love how that implies that it's IC for the system to pull money out of its arse.

A place with no chyen can't pay you bud, your fellow denizens should stop robbing them.

On a side note, the GMs will now get alerted when a merchant can't pay for a delivery so they can more easily respond to the situation. I do refuse to make the system pull money out of its arse though. :)

I think it would be a great idea (i know this isn't the idea section, but its a topic on NPC based work!) if there was a bit of an expanded NPC work based system.

Get the gangs involved, have a ganger NPC that asks for stuff like 'An Artery Jacket' (if it was a Sinner) or a 'Snake Bandana' (either gang?).  Have them have the players do hits, sell drugs, gather info, do recon, illegal stuff!

I think it would be great, some good RP for the players.  Hell have the NPCs put small hits on PC's for messing with them (could be based on people they @hate, cross refrenced with who has been online lately).

It would add to the illegal ambiance of the mix, and give players stuff to do when GMs aren't around and there isn't much player based rp.

It could be very GTA-ish in a way.  The more jobs you do the better your rep with that gang, the worse with the other.

(Edited by Nemisis at 10:18 pm on Jan. 10, 2006)

Rep is everything.

Automation is certaintly cool but preventing these thing from being a abused is a bitch. I vaguely recall a similiar idea coming up here.

It'd definetly be interesting to see gangs run like real gangs to make cash and whatnot but then again; they're not even high echelon. Meh, its early and I'm getting ahead of myself but basically if REP > 7 goto yakuza.


(Edited by ReeferMadness at 8:49 am on Jan. 11, 2006)

I picture it being like this.  You do a mission for the Sinners, and that effects your rep with the other gangs.  Sinners, Arts, Snakes, BPers and maybe even the higher ups in the game like the Yakuza and Triads and Mafia etc.  

The same system could be implemented topside with corperations.  You do something for Genetek and that lowers your rep with the other corps.

What would having a negative rep with certain gangs mean for the character though?  Depending on how low your rep is, it could mean that you aren't able to get a job with them anymore.  It could mean that you get lower paying jobs, or jobs that no one else would want.  If your rep is low enough it could mean that they attack you on sight.

A higher rep with a gang could offer better paying jobs, it could mean that if someone attacks you in front of an NPC member of the gang, they might jump in to help you, and if your rep gets high enough, maybe that gang will ask you to become a member, since you've proved yourself to them.

I think it'd be kosher to put something into place where you can deny delivery to the shopkeeper if they can't pay for it.  It doesn't make a whole lot of sense that you would give them their merchandise free of delivery charge.  Or perhaps if you had a long-standing relationship with the person you could allow them to pay you later, and the shop would keep track of time you delivered a package to them, if they had the chyen for it, they would get you back for last time as well.
Players are not getting paid for the  merchandise, they are getting paid for the delivery. It's like when FedEx drops a package off at a store and there isn't enough in the till to cover the shipping fees.

In an ideal world players would do the delivery, then have to return to Bruce for payment, rather than getting funds directly from the merchant. But I do not forsee this happening any time soon if ever.

I never said they were getting paid for the merchandice.  But try to order something COD and then pay the guy 1 dollar when he shows up at your house and see what happens.  I'll give you $1000 if he gives you the package.
Very good point Damon.
Okay what happened to the post with Nemisis about Gang missions or jobs? To me it sounds fun and you could say it it just some newb that doesn't know teh meaning of RP but I have been around the block a couple times. And I have noticed that it is getting harder to make -events-? Like I remember posts saying someone got to do like a fight night kinda deal. That would be cool.. Maybe bringing it back?

Yes I really like the Gang jobs idea. And it looks like people dropped that post, or maybe something happened that wasn't recorded. I don't know.

Maybe if you did do jobs for the random gangs a GM would check up on who is getting some Rep with so and so's gang. And if the GM was nice enought to go out of his buzy schedule he might even invite so and so to the gang. That would make some interesting RP.

And right now Events is what I think should be brought back to Withmore.. or -more- events. Cuz it would give players another reason to logg in. To RP such an Event. And maybe get to have more chances to meet people at these events. I would really like for someone else to post. PLEAASSEE!! *runs around the room screaming, with boredom.*

IHM- Rants...

I like the gang job/rep idea. Did anything ever come from that?

Also the events thing, you can hold your own even too if you have the means. As an example the Orifice has things once in a while. But you don't need a business. Start up the fight night again, I'd like to see that too. Just make up some flyers drop them around and see who shows up. It does pay though to have an idea when there are quite a few people on anyways, for instance Friday nights are slow but maybe a Thursday night?

As a side note: what happened to the weekends being hot for SD? I guess we all grew up and actually go -out- on a Friday night instead of being home in our parents house.

Quote: from Lillith on 6:04 am on April 23, 2008[br]
As a side note: what happened to the weekends being hot for SD? I guess we all grew up and actually go -out- on a Friday night instead of being home in our parents house.


I for one got married. And then Got a job. That put a squelch on the SD love. :'(

:shocked: Geeks in love?
Where is the post where someone tells me why this shouldn't be implemented?
::inserts post on why this should not be implemented::

There ya go, better?