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Jumping off Gold without a paraglider
Is going to be death

I think it's thematically OK to toss someone off a skywalk and there be a chance they survive. However, it has come to my attention that people are purposefully jumping off, knowing they will 'die' and relying on their allies to get them resuscitated and then walking away like nothing happened.

Your body would be mush. We expect people to RP this. Since people are not RPing this, I'm going to have to change it so that you just simply die and become a corpse. I dislike having to add code to stop a few people from abusing something that exists in the game to promote RP-- but thems the breaks I guess.

Fair warning.

-- S

I've been thinking about ways to enforce people to RP damage. The wounds showing as nakeds is a great start. Maybe base something on damage + location? I.E. Someone takes a a shitload of damage to the head and they lose some of x stat until there next clone...ultimately, incorporate this as limb loss code the stat loss can be counter-acted by cybernetic limbs or something.

Maybe if someone takes enough damage to kill them in one hit (such as a fall) - it cripples them and they either need to be put down like old yeller or chromed up. It makes something meta suddenly more cp and requires a bit of investment.

I what you gotta do but if you have to devote some coding cycles to this - make it stylish?

As someone who has been ... involved ... with skywalks quite frequently I do like the idea that some people are able to survive long falls. Got thrown off a skywalk by an angry Judge? There's a slim chance --and in my opinion that chance is very slim-- someone will come along, recognize your ass, and save you, so you can live with the tale, the scar, and a motive for revenge. I don't think it's fair to give away those opportunities and grant instant death because a very minor group of players have been abusing the damage system. As the post above points what you gotta do, but maybe try to find an alternative solution, using the extended abilities of upcoming code such a limb loss. Beyond that I guess we all should be able to policy ourselves and prevent powergaming like this.
I mean if there's just a very narrow chance that you live or don't instacorpse that'd preserve the 'holy shit how did I live through that' factor. People occasionally fall from great heights IRL and miraculously survive.
Geeze, the lev's not *that* expensive...
If you guys are looking for any kind of feedback, I have to say that I really like Vera's suggestion. Give it like a 95% chance of insta-corpse and a 5% chance of things working as they have. Or whatever odds make sense for the game.