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Lack of License plates on vehicles
All or none

There are vehicles driving around without license plates. If license plates are not required to drive a vehicle legally topside, why do -any- vehicles have them? It makes them unmistakably identifiable. If that's the point, why do any vehicles -lack- them? I believe this should be corrected and either all should have them, or none should have them.

Most vehicles should have a license plates, if bought through legal means. The plate numbers provides you legal referent and legitimatizes that this vehicle is owned by you.

No plates are good, for doing crimes.

Topside should have plates on all their vehicles and if they don't, then most likely thy will end-up in WJF impound lot.

Isn't this an IC problem?
it's not Villa. I can't Icly remove the plates from my vehicle, it requires OOC GM intervention.
Sort of feels like an IC thing to me, removing license plates might need GM work because it may need verification or something, sort of like topside crime? Just my opinion though, it might be horribly wrong :p
From what I understand, removing license plates presents the same problems as changing license plates; staff need to know that you're not abusing it by doing it too much. There were a number of threads a while back in which GM regulation was centered as the solution to the problem of trivial car theft.

Without getting too deep into specifics: if you've noticed a vehicle lacks plates topside and is getting away with it, there is almost certainly an IC reason at play. It's up to you to figure out what's going on.

Many things require OOC GM intervention and they don't stop being IC problems.
If there are vehicles without a license plate, it seems like a bug. Please use @bug to report it.