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Lifting Stuff
Why doesn't it work?

I'm just kinda wondering what's up with the 'lift' command..  It worked a while back, I know, but now every single time I try to lift something, I get this:

Just 'get' it. [OOC: Lift is for heavier objects]

Even when the object would be impossible to just pick up like normal objects (but would be possible to lift with both arms, using your knees, etc. and carry for a short while).

Any reason for this, or is it a bug or what?

*sticks a turban on his head and holds a sealed envelope up to his forehead*

I see... a bug report... with no specifics... no way to reproduce it... and...  no answer forthcomming!

*opens the sealed envelope and reads it's contents out loud*

It's Aikao complaining that he can no longer lift piles of chyen, but not actually comming out and saying it!

Ladies and gentlemen, The Great Keblar has done it again!

Seriously folks: This is what @bug is for. In your @bug report, please be ultra-specific. Do not just say 'lift stopped working'. Tell us exactly what your trying to lift, and why you think lift should work where get dosn't.

If you don't recieve a resolution soon and the bug is severe, email the staff privately.

If you want to discuss what should be liftable and what should be gettable, then by all means, please do.