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Look edge changes
intentional or bug?

Dear Admin,

As you know, I recently returned to the game after going on a hiatus. Upon my return, I found that looking over edges does not produce the same response on screen as it used to. Before I went on my break, when I would look over an edge there would be orange color text, under the room description of whatever room I was looking over at, that would give an idea of the population walking the streets. For example: "Steady flow of people moving about, 'X Character' amongst them". Now, I get no such indication regardless of the height of the roof my character may be on.

I attempted to bring this to your attention the other day, while we were speaking on xhelp and was told that was not the place for it as it was not an immediate concern. I'm not exactly sure that this is the correct thread to place it under either, but it was my best guess for where to put it. I do not know if this is an unintended bug caused by some of the new code put in since I was gone, or if it was reworked so that this is now the expected outcome of peering over ledges with the naked eye, regardless of height. If it was not intended to do this, I figured to let you guys know it was happening, if it was intended, then cool, game on.


Just another Beta Tester

Yep, there was something up with that. Johnny fixed it.

Thanks, Jman. And thank you Linekin for the response.