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Medical stuff
Biomed autoinjectors to be precise.

I had questions about the purpose of a biomed autoinjector.  Between a GM and I we were unsure if it had any functional purpose.  

If it does not I'd like to suggest that if a person's restrained, or @trusts you that you can "Knockout" them with it as with an operating room.  

I definately think that "knockout" should be somehow integrated into an item.  I hear that the ZMI kitbag used to be able to do it.   I can see that it can have potental abuses, however I'd say that if someone's grappling, or has you otherwise restrained via cuffs or whatnot, or if you have @ trust on that a knockout should be able to be preformed easily.    Just to make sure, maybe a provision where someone who's knocked out can't be killed.   By drugs of course, if you've went through standard combat and were physically knocked out standard rules should apply.

The autoinjector does have an IC use for installing cyberware.

Could you please get with me about it?  Somewhere or somehow.  I do not post this lightly and have asked multiple GM's about this both IC'ly and OOC'ly

I sent your character a moo mail with the info.