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From the Sindome Staff


So that everyone is aware, let's be clear that "Metagaming" is not exclusive to taking advantage of OOC knowledge to further your own character ICly. Any breaking of the veil between IC and OOC is also considered metagaming, and will have strict and fast response.

Using OOCly gained information ICly is bad, but sharing IC information OOCly whether you think it's useful or advantageous to someone else really is just as bad, because it creates the potential for the first situation to happen. We can't tolerate even the most innocent seeming comments in OOC-Chat, Game-Help, local OOC: comments, or anywhere else in-MOO in this regard, and you should not do it off-MOO either (Skype, AIM, face to face with your friend, etc.)

It is unwelcome.

It is not called for.

It ruins the game.

it is against the @rules.

Read it. 1.F doesn't say it's OK if you're joking. It doesn't say it's OK if you "don't mean it". It doesn't say it's OK if don't believe the information could not be taken advantage of by someone else.

It does say "Don't share IC information OOCly". That's the rule.

Please police yourselves and each other. If you spot it, call it out. It's not necessary to be a Bad-Cop about it, but please do step up, open your mouth, and help the offender understand what behavior they must stop. Think carefully, yourself, before typing something into OOC-Chat which is about something your *character*, past, present or otherwise, has seen, heard or experienced ICly.

Sometimes I'll make fake mischans on OOC-chat (without mentioning any actual IC names or info) just to screw with the people who do use things like that to metagame. Is that okay to do?


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