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Monospaced fonts, please!
These would be VERY HELPFUL for gridmail!

I'd like to make a request. Can we please get the font for gridmails changed to a monospaced font, like what SIC uses? As far as I know, we don't currently have a format in which we can show ASCII art for a customer or client who would like to be shown custom SICAD designs.

While letter and E-notes have monospaced fonts (last I checked, at least) they have much shorter line limits than SIC does. I want to say it's something like a 50% difference between the two. This prevents a good number of designs from effectively being shown to other players or NPC's.

I don't know if it's possible to change just the style sheet for the gridmail terminal html file, or if that's not isolated from the rest of the grid. I would imagine there might be some breaking of things if the font for all of the grid was changed to monospaced. I'm only asking that we update the font in the gridmail portion of the grid.

A monospaced font there would limit the number of characters pretty severely though. Also, ASCII isn’t accessible. These are the reasons I didn’t implement one there.

Are there any technical limitations or issues with upping the line width limits on either letters, e-notes, or both to be in parity with the SIC character limit? I realize that ASCII art related things aren't exactly a priority, especially since the SIC network is now split in half.

The limits are based on assumed screen sizes but we haven’t reevaluated them in years. My hunch is that screen sizes have gone down due to the higher number of mobile players, but it could use a review I’m sure.
E-prints no longer really have a limit, or if there is one, it's much greater than the SIC limit, if that's the yardstick we're using.

Letters always allowed longer lines than SIC.


Sindome is a game for the literate. We use words around here. You can't know that a "design" you want to "show" someone isn't going to be received by someone with a screen reader. This is not hypothetical, not even close.

what about the ability to insert blocks of monospaced text into gridmails and whatnot?

The removal of the line limit on the e-notes is really good. Due to some IC bugs, I still have not been able to actually use the post-revamp e-notes. And to be clear here, I'm talking line width limits where word wrap would kick in.

Regarding this being visually-abled exclusive, well, I think that it goes without saying that if someone is asking to preview what ASCII art designs you've come up with, that it's a fairly reasonable to assume they're not someone personally using a screen reader.

There is a method to monospace text on the Grid so that you can send SICADs to people. It has the unfortunate side effect of adding an extra blank line between everything, but it does exist.