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New Player Woes
Am I making a big deal about nothing?

So I made a charecter yesterday, blundered around for a bit learned the basics. About when I quit for the evening I realized I made a mistake in charges. Part of my charecter concept was speaking a second language, I had gotten engrossed in other parts of chargen and I completely missed not having quite enough int for it. I've look at it and I am seeing it taking like a month of play time to get the language. Beyond this I am happy with the charecter and want to play it, but it's getting hard to resist the urge to walk off a building a start over rather than having to spend a month on this. I don't care really about stats they can be gained in time it's that something roleplaying related that's rather intrinisic to the charecter I had in mind is really frustrating not to have.

Thanks for reading and I would love to hear the wisdom of thoes who know

More than I do before I do something I regret later.

All characters start knowing a single language. Of course, you can forsake English in favor of your preferred language, but this is reserved only for experience players because being unable to communicate with others ICly can be a huge burden for unexperienced players. My advice is to keep it rolling and don't worry about it. You're not going to lose your character's spirit for that little issue.
I guess, it's jus a perspective of time invest ment, is not losing 6 hours worth spending 20ish days?
Also because you can't edit posts, I am fairly sure you can know two languages if your int is high enough.
You can, but that will require an additional UE investment. Unless you decide to dump all your additional UE from previous characters (which is 6%), then your newly created character will only be fluent in one language.