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Non-client side options
Options settings outside of @client-options?

I would really like to have my default setting of color to be normal and my command suggestions to be false as I'm still catching a good deal of lag from the cs function. I can't seem to find the options section on the website.

Help preeze?

The options settings on the website are found as follows:

1. Push blue "Play Now" button

2. Log in with website credential (not MOO/game credential). DO NOT select "connect immediately", un-check that box.

3. Push gray "Options" button.

4. Set all settings where you want them.

5. Push blue "Back to Connect" button.

6. Log in to the game and enjoy those settings until you change them again.

You can bookmark this link:

As you can see in the URL the &cs parameter is set to false (commandSuggestions) and &cl is set to normal (the color theme).

Thanks so much guys!