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NPC Credit Limit.
Apparently the code isn't as smart as I thought.

I had thought the code was able to figure out profit versus pure earnings.

I guess it's not, and in the following situation reacts like this:

You pay 500 for a rubber ducky.

You sell the rubber ducky for 700.

You only make 200 profit on said ducky.

Game thinks you made 700 on the ducky.

Which can make a HUGE difference on how much flash you make on duckies.

This is intentional, some solutions are.

Beat up someone for their rubber ducky.

Get a better deal for your ducks.

Steal them.

I can't be beating people up unless I build a combat character, so that's sorta unfair to those of us with other skills and builds.

Hence some possible solutions; non-combat characters have different opportunities to combat characters.

Yes, different characters, different builds and different moralities will afford divergent opportunities.

The NPC income system is working as intended.

You can get cheaper rubber duckies by different means. Best prices take RP.