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OOC-Chat filter is too strict
Because saying 'I'm from Ru** ssia' is a little much.

Hi everyone!

This is my first time starting a post on the BGBB so I apologize if the formatting is a little off. Recently I noticed that the names of certain countries are banned from the OOC-chat for the months leading up to the US 2020 election. While I understand and respect the motivations behind this, and definitely appreciate the calm, respectful atmosphere of an OOC channel without any political debates, I feel that censoring the names of certain (but not all) countries is counterproductive. Players who seek to start political conversation will most likely use the names of politicians more than the names of countries, and it seems to me that frequenters of the OOC-chat are kind enough to redirect those seeking political conversation to the politics chat anyways.

TLDR: I'd like to propose some more leniency in the OOC-chat political filter, mainly so that I don't have to get a message that redirects me to a politics chat when I'm conversing about my daily life and where I'm from.

I've also had issues with the filter as well, as it's very difficult to discuss the themes of cyberpunk without typing words like capitalism and communism.

It might create additional work for the staff, but I feel like it'd be better if the filter simply asks for a confirmation and give a reminder. If that's not enough to stop people in the heat of the moment maybe a delay can be given before you can send another message that trips up the filter, too.