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problem creating character


New to the game. When I click on the big 'create character' button, I get a window with

'here was an error.

Source IP Invalid (E_INVARG)'

I use Sea Monkey as a browser but I changed to various agent strings with prefbar to no avail.

Any fix or alternative ways to create a character (I suppose that you must begin by that :) )


Same thing here, using chrome.

I'm investigating right now.

It's working now, thanks

Hi There

Wanted to create to new character, went through the whole registration process, sign in worked perfectly fine however when attempting to create new character I am presented with an error stating: There was an error, Response unanswered. (Undefined).

I thought is was possibly the browser so I have tried both Firefox and Chrome and they all give the same error.

Is there a problem or am I going about the creation process incorrectly?

Much appreciated


I'll have to take a look. Please connect as a guest and we'll get you register in no time. :)

Thanks :-)