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Puppet request
I swear I tried pressing clear

In yet another bout of idiocy mixed with my tendency to try every command that comes up when I examine something I've managed another cockup with Krakeon Apartments. I've somehow managed to rent an apartment without getting a code. I didn't actually want to rent it, I wanted to check and see if it was rented. But since the expired dates that came up when I checked apartments down at Westinghaus still didn't mean the apartment wasn't rented I stupidly thought I'd press rent to check it. And now poor Tash is down a serious amouth of mula and wants it back.

Would it be possible for one of the GMs to puppet the errant landlord so she can either get a passcode for the apartment or get her money back? Since she now has neither.

Pretty please with a cherry and whip cream on top.

Okay.. I've fixed the issue with apartments showing that odd date of December 2054 when they're vacant. It will now let you know the apartment is in fact vacant. If you see a date that has passed on the door, that means the person was evicted but the apartment has not yet been reset for a new occupant.

As for renting an apartment and not supplying a code, well when you do this the code defaults to 1234567. I'll see about fixing this so it will let you know.