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Re-stocking some items..?

Not really a complaint, as much as an observation; Guns jam and get dirty quick, and if you're resourceful you can clean a jammed up weapon with some clp and an old t-shirt. Therefore- it would be nice to see a flood of cleaning kits get stocked up somewhere in the mix, OR, make cleaning the guns a little..easier?
An unjammed gun can be cleaned by anyone, to a certain point.  If you take care of your gun, you can keep it clean, and unjammed.  If you don't you need to find a gunsmith..
Oh, and gun cleaning stuff auto stocks in some stores.. so if there aren't any.. it just means people aren't running enough crates!Vera
So the idea would be for an existing item out on the sales floor to be cycled out when a crate is delivered so something new can be brought out? I like the sound of that. I think that having the inventory of shops cycle through would help make them feel more alive.
Shops do cycle out their stocks. This was a feature implemented last year.

Just maybe not as quickly as you'd hope. Buying things definitely expedites this, but compared to last year when we had five or six appointment kiosks on the shelves, it's a vast vast improvement.