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Reducing text spam for driving
Issue with people with screen readers

I'm not blind myself, but I get frequent OOC complaints from people who use screenreaders when I drive them around cities or express tubes, they said that driving rapidly through cities or tubes make their screen readers act wonky with the rapid spamming..

Perhaps to make it easier for screenreader users who aspire to become a driver or a pilot, perhaps they should have an option to disable the texts, save for directions while they're driving?

I support this. As I am intermittantly using a screen reader at current.
It's pretty spammy in its entirety. There's no way to read it fast enough, which makes me lose the feeling of actually driving.

(If the argument is "You're driving, there's no way to get all that sensory information anyway," then I say, "Then compress the sensory information into something readable.")

Maybe something like an option, @driving-attention on/off, which discards excess sensory information when driving? Just throwing out ideas.

(Same for passengers.)
Could folks using readers please weigh in on what they consider excess sensory information? It's a bit subjective so I would like more info
An idea might be a display that just plugs in the room name, and the exit directions. With none of the extraneous text. Or even just the exits and possibly a directionality of the car's traveling.
I don't think this needs to be super complex. Would it be possible to just add the ignore feature to vehicles? So if I'm in one, I can just type ignore here then I won't get any of the vehicle spam outside of starting moving and stopping?
That works, yeah.