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Remove Character Name from Page Title

In the browser I use(Vivaldi which is a chromium based browser, so basically chrome with a bunch of tweaks and features removed or added) my character name shows up before a bar and the word Sindome on the tab bar, I think from my lackluster knowledge of modern HTML. That that means the pages titled like that.

This strikes me as a little awkward, as it removes the ability to be taking screenshots of other browser tabs with Sindome running. And if someone isn't aware and they say, go to make a post on reddit or use discord's rich presence features with my browser, and screenshot their browser or share it on discord, they could inadvertently out their character as theirs. opening them up to a completely inadvertent rules violation.

Suggestions for correction,

Remove the reference to the character name from the title, just show Sindome

I really need to fix whatevers going on with my inputs cause it stripped half that post.

Oh wait it was the bars that did it. Okay gonna stick to not using bars in their symbolic form.

Picking up from the end and rewriting a bit.

Sindome BAR Cyberpunk roleplaying

Or something like

UserName BAR Sindome

(So in my case RheaGhe BAR Sindome)

Or possible even

Playing BAR Sindome to allow rich content to still pick it up on things like discord. But not reveal anything.

I put this up here because I was making a "Coming Back to Sindome Like" thing with about 30 browser tabs open that are all forum threads and the game running in a non-visible tab, and then noticed when editing it, that my character name was visible, and had I not been doing that editing manually. I would have posted something featuring my characters name on the forums here.

Hmm. I'm interested in other folks feedback on this. It would take be a super difficult change just I wanna see if others rely on it or not.
I really don't like having my name in the title bar. I don't want to have to constantly have a separate browser window for SD all the time, y'know?
I use snipping tool a lot... And theres a way to do that in linux too. and you can grab only what you want instead of a whole screen. So it kinda seems like an issue with the tools being used and not the title of the page. I like the name being up there so I know at a glance what tab it is. Incase i'm looking at other stuff on the sindome website.
The Favicon for the client is different from the rest of the website.

holy crap it is. I never noticed that cause I use a dark firefox theme,, In that case do whatever. Doesn't bug me any.