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Robot Command Entry Delay

Robots appear to measuring how long their issued commands are and delaying processing to simulate the time it would take for the character to input the command on their controller. I imagine also with some skillcheck involved. I've made a few assumptions and guesses here, but give me some rope.

This is logical on its face but ends up running contrary to how other game systems work in practice and is, in effect, double dipping on simulating time delay because time was already spent by the player to perform the command. I believe any situation where there is more than 10 seconds of delay from a command being issued by a player, and something happening in-game, will result in players avoiding those systems or feeling the game is not functioning properly; and the delays created by this mechanism can easily stretch into a minute or longer.

For comparison: When a character performs a long pose, there is two elements to the 'time' it occupies. The time to perform the mechanical typing of the command by the player, and the virtual time assumed to have elapsed over the course of the pose which can be assumed to have run concurrently with other events occurring in the room around the same time.

However with robot poses, there appears to be three elements involved: The time it takes for a player to type a pose, the artificial simulation of the time it takes for a character to enter that same command, and then finally the virtual time that is assumed to have elapsed while the pose then occurs. Because the virtual time is zero in real terms, and because poses are effectively the only common long command, that means that (as compared to a character posing) the 'roleplaying speed' of a robot is penalized twice and ends up being incredibly slow and quickly falling out of sync with other characters.

While it makes a lot of sense to have a skill/stat element to robot control, I feel like this per word/character artificial entry delay is unfun in practice, and shouldn't be extending into a minute plus or longer, especially because it only really ends up penalizing roleplay which is the only real avenue for players starting out using these systems.

Instead of a delay per character issued, something like a flat maximum delay of 10 seconds at the lowest possible skill threshold, and zero delay at the highest, would end up being far more usable and fun, and would also avoid creating the impression of poor game performance or non-functional mechanics.

Below are the various mechanical precedents for different action timings, that I would argue robotics (as it is now) runs contrary against.

Other game systems where player long command entry and character long command entry are considered the same (ie. a character is assumed to have retroactively done it in the time it took the player to type it):

+ Grid text entry

+ E-Note text entry

+ SIC messages

Similar other systems which also use (a slightly different) retroactive time assumption, where the 'data entry' on the player side stands in for 'activity completion' on the character side:

+ Player poses

+ Art creation

+ Clothing creation

Systems where long actions are then assumed to be performed 'on the go' once fully typed out:

+ Drive 1 2 3 ...

+ Fly 1 2 3 ...

+ Go 1 2 3 ...

This is solid argument and I think mechanically the delay should probably incorporate skill + item used w/ modifiers assigned to the current controllers, ARIN interface, and *wait for it* cyberbrains.

Cyberbrains are useless. Having them impact robotics and be the prime chrome of riggers makes sense to meld man/machine with robot.

I like that idea so much I think it's actually better than my idea. I still think the delay is a little long at 'good' skill/stat level (replicating Immy the Hologram's greeting takes a full minute of delay) BUT that does leave room for something like the cyberbrain to come into the picture. It's such a good use case I wish I thought of it myself!

It stands to reason that a brain interface could allow for machine language communication (as seen in the documentary RoboCop), and using the plug available to the cyberbrain (and the wiring system from debuggers and other tools) it would be so cool if characters with that chrome could attach/detach from a controller and then operate it (maybe even without it being held assuming a visual overlay) and have instantaneous commands plus maybe additional perks as well.

Linking to controllers would be an obvious use for controlling bots with the cyberbrain, but also being able to link in directly with EyePods for instantaneous and silent commands to them would probably be pretty cool for recording purposes as well.

Also because there was some confusion on OOC about what this delay involved, it is not a general delay on remote commands in general but an ever increasing delay based on the length of a command in characters.

So that =n or attack ivan may be sent in less than a second, but a typical short pose may take 30 seconds for the character to 'virtually type' and something like a typical full pose with dialogue may take 1 to 2 minutes or even longer. Not including the time it took the player to type it, not including the time it takes for the robot to receive the command and act which are additional further delays.

If combat and movement commands are effectively instant or very quick, and only roleplaying through a robot is heavily penalized, then I think the rationale behind this delay is perhaps well-meaning but ultimately harmful to fun and interesting robot use.