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Shop buybacks
who does and who doesn't?

 I've noticed this issue causing problems on a few levels actually. I've seen threads that mentioned them, but I figured it deserved it's own thread though. Once again, let me preface by saying that if I'm just not finding the information I'm looking for and it does in fact exist, please point me in the right direction. That being said, Is there a list of the shops that are currently coded for buyback capability? This is really frustrating when my char hands a clerk an item and they just take it and hold on to it. No handing it back, no response, no nothing. Just...  you got Debo'd punk. I mean..  especially in a shop that has a sign that says.. we buy we sell we trade. Maybe a list of the shops that do buyback items would lower the rate of this happening? I know it would for me. And in turn it would help cut back on the incidences of trying to deliver a crate to a clerk whose hands are full. Another extremely frustrating occurence. I mean, something's gotta give here. I don't think that what I'm asking is too much. I feel like it would be a big help in reducing the number of times stupid shit makes me wanna harm NPC's who really have no brain and so cannot be truly blamed. Can I be blamed for the stupid shit too? Sure, if you wanna blame me for trying to utilize a coded function that is there specifically for the purpose I'm trying to use it for. Anyways, somebody please give me some kind of answer on this one. I could really use some clarity on this issue.

From what I gather, it should be almost every shop in RED. It is, however, limited to RED.

90% of Red stores will do it.