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Costs more than renting a room.

Regardless of weather that room has a shower in it or not. Even if that shower is free. Just sayin'.

This whole shower thing is a bit weird anyway.


You referring to the price of the convenient quick kleen booths on the streets?

If you rent a room you get free showers, no?

Renting a room doesn't necessarily mean free showers, no, but with the Quick Kleen booths you're paying for convenience and a wide selection of scents without having to drop a chunk of money on deodorant or an expensive fragrance. Just went running through the sewers like a dirty little mixer and got covered in poop? Just pop in the nearest booth and nobody will know you make a habit of walking around like a shit monster!

Even cubes have showers... The difference is how well they clean and perfume you.... Filthy Mixers...