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Shrouds and holstered weapons
just an observation

So while wearing a shroud, I notice that when you remove it;

You reach a hand up, gripping your black shroud at the scruff of your neck, and give it a good hard tug, sliding it off your body in one swift motion.

So uh, what are thoughts of drawing say, a Holstered pistol with one of these things ontop of it?

I mean, how do you reach in and do it?

Maybe it's my redneck nature to supply my theory on this with the following, but this is how I've always seen it:

Anyone who's ever worn a pair of overalls knows that there are usually a set of pockets and right behind that what looks to be a set of pockets yet it allows you to reach inside to the garments worn under it.   I see shrouds in a 'similar' light.  OF course I see it more as slits or folds that allow you to access garments underneath, to retrieve items such as a wallet, cash, a knife, or in this case a firearm that's either belt or shoulder holstered.

I unno, that's just my view..

Shrouds are essentially  a cowl & hood supporting 2 peices of cloth on the front and back of one's body. Ask tool, he knows better then I do...I believe...

Ask me? mahahahaha... Of all my 25+ characters none of them have ever had a shroud and used it effectifely. Only like 3 of them ever even had one... so, I know nothing. Not only that but barely any of my chars have ever used guns either. so.... I have nothing of relevance on this thread to say.

good day

I wrote the descs and @messages for those - it originated as a material back when you could actually get materials. Then Johnny appeared in my 'cube, which was kind of creepy (I mean, like, Burger King creepy) and parented it to the disguise generic or sumfing like that.

It's a bigass poncho with a hood. You wanna know how to draw a pistol out of one, watch a Clint Eastwood movie.

Ahh, I thought I recalled reading a post that mentioned this. Too much kush.

Thanks Murphy.