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Sing command is borderline unreadable.
Fewer notes, or in places that make sense please?

When using the 'sing' command, musical notes are inserted into the output text. While this feature is certainly very cool, it renders the resultant output borderline unreadable because of where the notes are inserted. This could be altered to perhaps only display the notes at the beginning and end of the pose, or even beginning and as a replacement for periods/exclamation marks?
Anyone have any thoughts on this?
I would rather have sing work by simply bordering the line in musical notes.

Then you can sing one line at a time (maybe two lines with a slash if you like rhyming), people will know you're singing to music, but it won't have awkward forced breaks.

I feel like everything sing can do, pose can do better anyway.
I don't know if it would be too skill/stat revealing, or just plain repetitive, but something that said how on-key you were would be helpful. Maybe if it only showed the quality once, like @voice does.

%N sings in a tone-deaf manner, ""

%N sings slightly off-key, ""

%N sings passably, ""

%N sings expressively, ""

%N sings passionately, ""

Not terribly important, though. I feel it's usually easy enough to gauge someone's Artistry.

Also, agreed with Oximm.