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And how it relates to your char.

It Gets you tired waaaaay too fast, and to waay too much a degree.  

I think certain things should only be able to get you so tired as well, that may be a viable fix.  For instance if you just were in a fist fight, then completely exhausted is reasonable.  Firefight not so much.   Sneaking.  Maybe it gets you a bit tired, but I don't even see how it could viably tire you out enough to be "dragging ass"   I'd think sneaking would mean walking around with your wits about you, and may be mentally draining in some aspects. But not really physically draining so much. And if so than ya.. I could see a few hours of sneaking wearing on you.. but being totally bushed and worn the fuck out after sneaking for like 15 minutes.. and going a total of maybe.... 10-12 blocks max.  I just think that's a little much IMHO.    Just my 2 Chyen.  Jotun

No, sneaking is sneaking, not walking with your wits about you. We will not be making sneaking MORE powerful. Stop trying to sneak everywhere, we fatigued you for a reason. ;)
Well, that's arguable, but in any case. You want to keep sneaking realistic, shouldn't we do it on the sneaking stats side, and not use, what I see as an unrealistic penalty to offset it? Make it harder to sneak overall, make me walk uber slow, don't let me get out of breath, and barely able to walk because I was sneaking for a dozen blocks. 2ch.
It is a game mechanic to control, among other things, how long one can sneak. It is not at all related to the skill of sneaking but on endurance.

As for realistic sake, hold a 1 Kg weight over your head one handed and with an extended arm, it's nothing but with the passing of the minutes even this little continuous action will tire the hell out of your arm and body. Even a freaking iPad will tire and hurt your joints if you stay holding it in the same position for long enough.

Yeah, walking with your wits about you is handled well enough through other game mechanics. Disguising yourself, taking an alternate route if you see someone up ahead you don't wanna be seen by, keeping distance between you and someone you're following, etc.

I know you can't hide in some places, but I think that should be expanded a bit with a variety of difficulty depending on the location, assuming this isn't already the case. So sneaking in a brightly lit hallway would be given a penalty, but a dark, crowded nightclub would be given a bonus.

Then also make the difficulty vary depending on the entrance/exit you're sneaking through, so if there's a chokepoint like a door, it'll be much harder to sneak through undetected.

Perhaps with all that people won't sneak in the most ridiculous of places all the time. ;)