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Some Jobs are JOBS others are jobs
Pay and work

So. I've worked a number of positions over my Sindome career. I've noticed that the amount of effort required for jobs is no where near constant.

I've had jobs where all I had to do was spend a few moments a day to check a thing and it was done (unless players in that faction made work).

I've had jobs where I felt like I could never do anything but the job. Social time was cut out, side projects halted.

I get that some of this is the nature of the job. There are jobs that require RP to do the job. If that's the case, you are going to have to usually spend a LOT of time doing it. Because even a simple thing can often take 30-60 minutes of real time to accomplish when it has to be RPed out. When I have a job like this, I find that I start losing track of connections and projects that I want to nurture and just spend time on the job.

So, what is the complaint/ask?

Perhaps for jobs that require massive amounts of RP to do, consider having more than one person in that role and allowing factions to actively and aggressively fill them. That way the player does not have all of the factions needs weighing on their shoulders and can 'take a day off' now and then letting the other player shoulder some of the load.

On the other side of things, perhaps a look on the social and non coded aspects of the game might be in order. For jobs that have nearly zero input, maybe we want to crowd source ideas on now to get those positions some required RP.

Because, having RP generated from your job is great... just in manageable amounts. When it consumes 100% of your game time, then it's... an actual job. On the other side, I know players can get 'bored' in certain positions and maybe with some social engineering on their actual roles, this could really help with those types of jobs as well to help give them seed RP.

Jobs are fundamentally a source of income. If your job accomplishes that, its work is done from my point of view. Some jobs can provide RP as a bonus. Square pegs do not belong in round holes, even though sometimes they might fit.
I feel this, BlazingCoconut. This hasn't really always been the case. Initially, all jobs kinda sucked and were just a matter of what you made of them but kept you paid that bare minimum. Over time, players and code transformed a number of these roles and it continues to change.

I like the flexibility of being able to take on as much Job RP as you can manage without it being the end-all-be-all. Bored with your job? Drop some @notes and make it your own with a little innovation. Bogged down by your job? Drop a @note and scale things back.

Not every job and/or archetype is going to work for every player and that's okay. Sindome is constantly in flux and the jobs change form as the meta changes or plot influences them. You can spend months watching the paint dry in a lobby as a low-paid security guard and then suddenly have an influx of chaos bring the stability of your job crashing down on you...and vice/versa.

I cannot stress enough how useful a constructive regular monthly @note can be to help make Staff aware of your job tribulations and going-ons. You might get some advice over xhelp, more plot hooks, or maybe things will even scale back. I think a lot of us have been on either end of this spectrum with our in-game jobs and finding that balance can take some work. Good luck.