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No excuse

There is no excuse to all gang up on a player, who has valid points.

There is no excuse to then reply to the player and then ban them before they've even had chance to read the reply.

And certainly cut down on the "Don't like it, fuck off!" attitude. Just because I have the confidence to raise my voice with a valid complaint, doesn't mean that gives you the right to talk to me like shit.

Since you decided to turn this from a private matter between you and the admin involved into a public matter:

[17:53:41][Help-net] Vickers (#35664) says, "Well guys, it's been fun, but I'm out."

[17:54:26][Help-net] Cerberus [answering Vickers (#35664)]: Pardon?

[17:54:56][Help-net] Vickers (#35664) says, "I'm going light, so don't revive or anything with NPCs please."

[17:59:46][Help-net] Vickers (#35664) says, "Once I'm light, I'm going. Not going to bother bitching. Just don't agree with how SD GM operate as it goes against everything you guys have said in the past - so it's not for me. I genuinely wish you all the best with SD and your own personal lives. Take care."

[18:01:21][Help-net] Johnny [answering Vickers (#35664)]: wow, how'd we shit in your wheaties? I'd like to know what we did wrong if you don't mind sharing.

[18:04:34][Help-net] Vickers (#35664) says, "You've all said very clearly before that it's about the roleplay. Making your own character, with their own goals and own plots mixed with other players. Instead, I was rail-roaded into owing 20k to an NPC. It's too hard to make that money, especially GMT. I shouldn't have to have a goal set out by the GMs, that was instrumented by the GMs. That's what you've said is meant to set SD apart from RPGs. You choose the path for your character. Instead, I am forced to owe 20k to an NPC, for a GM plot that gives nothing to build off for the player - only that they owe 20k."

[18:04:44][Help-net] Vickers (#35664) says, "But hey, that's my thoughts, I'm sure you'll disagree."

[18:05:45][Help-net] Johnny [answering Vickers (#35664)]: alright man. I'm not going to try and convince you. Thanks for your honest feedback.

[18:05:56][Help-net] Johnny [answering Vickers (#35664)]: thanks for checking us out.

[18:08:16][Help-net] Vickers (#35664) says, "It's not me who needs to be convincing, it's you. Players are meant to be players. Not your pawns to fuck around with for your own kicks. You've said this before that it's all about the players and roleplay, but it's clear that it's all bullshit and you just like to fuck around with people for your own amusement. Oh and this time Johnny, please delete my OOC account like you said you would."

[18:09:03][Help-net] Cerberus [answering Vickers (#35664)]: Baron?

[18:09:19][Help-net] Fengshui [answering Vickers (#35664)]: I'm going to step in and tell you that you are out of line. This is an RPG. You were involved in RP that led to you being infected with ebola. Stop bitching and enjoy the RP. It's not a personal attack against you. It's a global RP event.

[18:11:58][Help-net] Fengshui [answering Vickers (#35664)]: We don't even know who you are -- but I will tell you this -- Sindome is not a single player game. No one else is complaining because they got RP thrown at them that might have given them a challenge to surmount. You've stated your feedback and we appreciated that. Don't need the attitude. don't like the game? go find another.

Newted. Because I'm tired of dealing with this BS.

As a more long form response to your accusations:

You are one person playing a large multiplayer game. You were asked for your opinion, and we thanked you for it and then you went into the realm of what we call admin abuse when you attacked not just the GMs in general but a specific admin.

I'm not going to apologize because your fictional character in our fictional world got a fictional disease while involved with RP with other fictional characters played by real people.

To me, your xhelps were just your double freedom rockets on the way out the door -- or some way of showing us what we were losing by having mistreated you so badly.

I find your claims baseless, insulting and most of all infuriating. You think I, or Johnny or Cerberus or Lin or any of the other GMs sign on and puppet NPCs because we are sadists that just LOVE to ruin YOUR day?

If you didn't want dynamic challenges and themely role play your first mistake was picking Sindome. Go play a one player game where the only person you really interact with is yourself. Don't come on Sindome and start bitching my staff out because you don't OOCly like the roleplay. Don't get on xhelp and mistake an honest query for where we might have went wrong into an invitation to attack us personally.

You OOC'd your ass off and permed your character FOR NO REASON. Boohoo, you had to owe an NPC some money. So did a bunch of other people. It's a Cyberpunk game. Not a fluffybunny nothing bad could possibly ever happen tip toe through the tulips make sure not to upset anyone OOCly or they might over react, kill their character and threaten to quit game.

Your whole character suicide, request not to be revived, xhelp bitching and request to have your OOC account deleted presupposes that the GMs wouldn't have thrown you a bone to balance out some of the bad -- with some good. You didn't give that a chance. You just suicided and then took to xhelp to let us know what a great player we were losing.

Your newt will last 7 days. At which point you are welcome to come back -- if you can get past this idea of yours that the GMs some how need to not have global RP events because they might negatively impact your character.

Ooooh, you're lucky that the Jinx was asleep...

Sure, paying 20,000 chyen to an NPC is not an interesting challenge - but where you get that 20,000 chyen from could have been interesting. There are a lot of players out there to whom 20,000 is pocket change, and it would have been interesting to see what you could have offered them in exchange for them lending you the money. Now you're in debt to a PC instead, which is much more interesting! Forge a good relationship with them, meet their good faith with your own efforts, and you'll have a friend who won't be afraid to stick their neck out for you once it's time to resolve your backstory or take steps to meet your lofty goals!

I've had really uninteresting-sounding developments take me really interesting places. As long as you take your lemons and make RP lemonade with as many other players as possible, you'll be rewarded, not just with more GM cooperation and attention, but the reward-in-itself of having great RP with everyone!

I want to make it clear, I was not being abusive to any person in a personal capacity. I was being rude for their actions as a staff member. Unlike you, my comments are about you guys because you're in position of power in Sindome.

My point is that it my character was essentially slapped a -20,000 chyen penalty because the staff said, "Let's do that." I was busy RPing with many characters, multi-tasking to respond to everyone in a busy room, trying to build relationships with the characters which enhances RP. Most of all I was having fun: most of your global events happen an hour before I have to go to bed due to my timezone (e.g. the flood of 2099).

I am not going to apologize for my points which were valid and from someone who has seen this before. You didn't know who I am apparently, which means you disregarded someone's concerns who was a noobie. It's a common thing for you guys to say "Oh? They don't think something is fair? They're wrong and Sindome is not for them." as if this is Vietnam or something, where you just have to suck it up.

And if this was a PC caused situation I'd understand more. If this was a situation I put my character in, I'd understand. If it was consequences for something my character did, I'd understand. But it wasn't. Someone saw that a bunch of players were in the Drome RP-ing and decided "Let's throw a petrol bomb on them." That's not a global event. It only effected us in the drome directly, and then perhaps it'll send ripples to everyone else. A global event is something like the flood where it effects everyone GLOBALLY and isn't targetted at one small group of players.

Dynamic challenges I love. Conflict I love - it drives the story - and Cyberpunk I love. But that doesn't give staff the right to come in, force a character to have ebola, and then put them in debt 3 days into their character, when it's hard enough to get chyen as it is. Maybe not for you. Maybe not for some oldbies. But it is hard, especially when you miss the US rush.

I did OOC perm my character, but because it was late and I had no intention of returning because once again it's a case of the staff thinking that what they say is gospel, and anyone who even thinks of questioning it is automatically wrong and an idiot.

"Throwing a bone" is irrelevant. Would you go up to someone on the street, stab them and then give them a cookie, and they'd just go "Well hey! Thanks! A cookie!!!" I was at the last town hall, I've heard the staff make statements before going against them. And anyone who tries to say "But hey you said-" "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! YOU CAN'T BITCH! BAN!"

You can't go and say this is about RP and the staff's job is fuel RP, if your idea of that is walking in, disrupting an RP and giving them a penalty out of nowhere. I was shouting at Rychek to step in - because it's themely for his character to get his baseball bat out, the badass that he is - but no, that was ignored. The staff wanted a break-out of ebola and that's what was going to happen. That's not themely. That's not cyberpunk. That's just like throwing some crack in the middle of some crackheads and then enjoying them fighting over it.

My character lost all IC respect to those people they were RPing with. That was 3/4 people that my character would have no intention to RPing with in future: and that's not my decision; that's exactly how my character would of reacted. And yet, this is meant to enhance RP?

Don't forget that in cyberpunk the whole point is that a punk (in a cyber-world) faces a challenge and then overcomes it. But it's also the fact that they put their skills to use. Case was a hacker and he was forced into hacking: but he was a SKILLED hacker! Deckard was forced into hunting the replicants: but he was SKILLED in hunting replicants.

It's ironic how you also quote it's cyberpunk and not a flufflybunny game. The single person (once every few days) with a complaint about something is shut down by staff. They're essentially being a cyberpunk and you, the staff, are being the corporations shutting them down.

As for Jinx? No offense Jinx but I couldn't give a rat's ass if you were on or not. Am I supposed to be relieved you weren't online.

Let me make something very clear. You are staff. We are your customers. If a customer is disgruntled about a product, they have a right to call the staff and make their point. The staff don't turn around and say "Oh, well deal with it or fuck off!". In that same situation, if I bought a product and then the delivery van driver came and pissed on my wall and I complained about it - I wouldn't be met with "Get a grip!" by the company. If any of you are in jobs that deal with members of the public, then you really need to do a workshop on how to deal with complaints. But no. It's far too easy just to cut them lose. More will come. Who cares if we have a high turnover of members. They're just handle the game. It couldn't possibly be anything to do with us - we're fantastic.

You can't go an say "Oh well, no-one else complains!" so you must be wrong. People complain everyday over things and are shutdown. Usually the bitching people make, I can understand the staff replies. Again, if this was something as part of the game or the playerbase, then I'd just try to deal with it. But it wasn't. The staff messed up in making their NPC know IC info, through the means of the "Well people on SIC said about it". If my character is put into a situation because of a staff member, when nothing I did had any influence in me reaching that point, then that's a bad thing.

You are meant to help RP. Fuel RP. Puppet characters who can add depth, and drama and emotion to each player's story. You didn't and don't on a regular basis. It's just "Oh hey, I see you're having fun, RPing with other characters? Here's a ebola and you owe 20,000 to the doc or your character dies. It's not a fluffbunny game it's cyberpunk. Get over it.".

That is not cyberpunk. That's the staff just wanting to penalize a character for roleplaying rather than avoiding players all together. Is that the staff's attitude? Is that how Sindome is? If so, then it really needs to be addressed how wrong that is. You say "Get out there, roleplay!" one minute and then "We'll bring IC penalties for your character for engaging with other players, just.... cos...."

It seems that the staff live in a bubble. Someone complains, you say fuck off, they call bullshit on your position as a staff member (because you're meant to be there to help players) and then you ban them. And everyone goes a long with it. Why? Because they're fucking scared you're going to turn around and do the same thing to them. IC, I'm all for living in fear. But you're doing that to people, real people, who are on your game and enjoying it. But you act like it's Vietnam in that "We've been here years, you just deal with it."

BattleJenkins actually made a valid statement, a valid response and I appreciate that. That's customer service. I dunno if BattleJenkins is a staff member, but you should definitely make them one. It seems you guys are lacking in social skills. If someone is going to leave because of another player's actions or because "I can't kill the gangers, they're too hard." then that's their own fault. If someone is going to leave, because of a staff action, then it's not a failing on their part, it's yours! I knew right away when my feedback was met with "Oh, well cya, thanks" then it wasn't going to be taking into account. It never does. You say "Oh well, bye." and then ignore it because, hell, no other players saw it.

Seriously guys/gals. Stop walking around acting like you're gods. You're not. Some of the things you say to players - with legitimate concerns and complaints - on a daily basis, would get you punched in the face if you said it to someone's face. The fact you're behind a keyboard and have the ban button has created this attitude of "We're kings of Sindome and we rule this kingdom with an iron fist. You don't like it, go away." If that's the case, that should be on TMC/TMS as your slogan. "If you don't like it, fuck off."

Seriously. Take your finger out, lose the attitude and care about what players you have and gain each week. They're here to RP your product. Don't treat them like shit when you as staff do something to them. Treat them with respect just like you expect everyone else to treat each other respect (even after killing one another).

Don't worry about "newting" me because I'm not returning. Frankly, the attitude you guys display day-to-day is evidence enough that you're all incapable of running your game fairly and justly.

But again, this is a waste of time, as evident by previous events I've seen in the year or so I've seen how SD is run. You say one thing, do another, then make out to other members that anyone who called out your bullshit, "Oh they're wrong and idiots. You're having fun right? Well then, it's their fault. THIS IS CYBERPUNK". You take any criticism, constructive or a complaint, and throw it in the bin unless it's licking your arsehole of how great you are. I've watching it happened before and it looks like it'll continue to happen.

If this was a product, I'd ask for a refund. Not because "I can't handle it" but because you guys will say one thing, do another, ban someone for pointing it out, and then say something completely different. You have no uniformity as collective in how you staff and what is expected of us.

Get a grip. Have a staff workshop on customer service skills. And realize it's a game: the game is cyberpunk; not real-life. I shouldn't have the choice of dealing with feeling poorly treated as a player (because of another player/staff being a jerk) or leaving completely. The state of the world is shitty enough, without having to put up with your crap. Do your fucking job and stop being sociopaths.

That's all I have to say. Johnny will (hopefully this time) delete my OOC account. Despite all that, I wish everyone - staff and player alike - here all the best now and in the future.

You have no idea what goes on behind the scenes or how much work being a GM on Sindome is. Thank you for attacking us and calling us sociopaths for taking hours, days, weeks and years out of our lives to craft a game world, NPCs, new areas, code, a website, custom pads, plots, and everything else that goes into making Sindome alive for you and the other players.

You really are a piece of work.

Oh I do and do respect that. As I said, I am not criticizing the fact you volunteer to do it. In fact, I applaud it. But it doesn't give you a free pass for you to do as you wish because you're making the world we're in and ignore anyone's points. It doesn't mean that because of your sacrifice of time, that you are automatically better than the average player. And that any criticism toward SD is saying "SD is shit and you've wasted your time".

That's as close-minded and ignorant as a writer ignoring any review for their book - good or bad - because hell, they took the time to write the book. All that time and effort to write it and if people don't like, fuck them. Certainly, fuck them, if they don't like it but the blatant "Your opinion doesn't matter" attitude is wrong.

But don't talk to me like I'm an idiot, I "don't understand" or "don't get it". Because I do. I have in the past offered, and done some descs, to help out. Problem is that there is so much to do that the average player cannot help in, then it falls to the GMs.

Point is, the STAFF as a collective are acting like Sociopaths in how SD is meant to be. Probably in part (I imagine actually the majority) because you are so busy dealing with adding new things, @bugs, coding....ect ect that you can't be concerned with the issues of a minority of your players. Especially when, in the wider picture, they seem trivial to the grand scheme of things. So when you puppet and make global events, then damn us, we should be lucky we're getting that because you have so much to do.

Which to be clear (due to text having no tone) is not sarcastic. Just because there is criticism toward the actions of you, doesn't mean I'm saying you're a bad person. I just don't think you're following the rules you preach.

Again, you're doing the same thing I'm complaining about. Assuming that anyone who doesn't praise Sindome in is entirety is a douchebag and a troll. And frankly, I'm glad you made that clear right now.

You weren't banned for expressing your opinion, you where banned for the way you did it. It is okay not to agree with what the staff is doing, but it is not okay to accuse us of "just like to fuck around with people for your own amusement".

You also have an skewed perception of what the GMs should be doing. While we understand you are "disgruntled" by what happened, we are working on how things will happen on our end to help you overcome whatever quest/plot/RP we throw at you.

And I do expect staff members to put all characters into all kinds of predicaments, it is themely. Specially when there is character progression to be had. But you quit, you jumped the gate into the "screw you guys, I'm going home". And that's also okay. What isn't is for you to accuse the staff of getting a kick out of it. You know nothing of what was done to enable the characters to get out of debt. Yes, debt is nice in an overarching story, it will be the fire under people's feet to get them moving.

I'm sorry that no one is running after you and begging you to come back, but as a rule we don't do that for people that can't hold a character for over 2 days. Your river of RP consists of creating a character, passing thru the gates and getting killed. That was what happened to Cain, Luciana, Duane, Bryant and Vickers... I know it can be frustrating for you, but I can see here you running head first into the wall over and over again.

Yes this is a product, but just like Dark Souls it is aimed at a subset of the gaming audience. That means it isn't for everyone, we see lots of people that come into Sindome thinking this is a hack and slash MUD and die to the first NPC they find, over and over and over... And on top of that ignoring the admin attempts at talking to them to get them in the same train of thought. So you saying "I'm leaving, bye." is considering you returning the game as you would with one you didn't like. To what you got a very polite answer of: "alright man. I'm not going to try and convince you. Thanks for your honest feedback."

Also I'd like to point out that differently than you and your 10 days of experience in Sindome, the staff has people with over 6 years experience just in this game, some with 8, 10, 12.... With others having over 15 years experience not only GMing from pad and paper (including the Cyberpunk to actually having worked as GMs in well known MMOs.

Also for future reference it would be very good for you to not call people sociopaths or any other kind of insulting or cursing, even if it is to try and prove a point. This will turn your constructive feedback into a bad feedback that will be discarded in most cases by any customer service in any company.

As for your character getting sick and in debt it was a result of your IC actions and not revenge from the GMs. You were involved in an RP where bodily fluids were exchanged between a handful of players, that spread a disease from one character to the other...

You got mad and you quit. No need to curse at others to justify your quitting. Chin up and move on, since you now won't ever know what was lined up to help you overcome your debt or not. That gameplay line has been destroyed by you ending your character. If you had outlasted your 2 day life expectancy with this char you might be able to see what all the RP is that all the other players are talking about.

Again, assumptions. I have had more characters than that list. I have played SD more than 10 days. I struggled with a few, mostly due to the fact that it's hard to find a character you like RPing when you're in an iffy timezone. And also because I had reacclimatize to Sindome - especially as the IC lore has changed since I was last here. I came back with the mindset of a nooblet.

Let I might something perfectly clear. My character had no willing IC involvement in that. In actuality, my character was subjected to sexual assault IC. And rather than attack I tried to RP it out as "Fuck you!" to those involved. And then a GMNPC and sexual assaults - yes it IS sexual assault - my character and effects my RP. I felt VERY uncomfortable with that, in the same reason rape was banned, but I tried to shrug it off, when really I should of xhelped. But I didn't. Why? Because ANY xhelp about IC events is met with such harsh "Stop bitching" replies that I didn't bother.

Your blatant "You're new. You know nothing Jon Snow." is a problem. It causes EVERYONE to do that and so alienates the newer population until they "prove themselves worthy" of being a part of the community.

Also I should point out, that for some people like myself, it takes a while to find a character that suits them. With the SD gates costing 2k so it's hard to disappear, jumping is usually the main solution for people to "retire" their character if it's not working for them.

And funnily enough, I've had staff said that's okay to do so over xhelp when I've said "I don't want to just jump off a roof if I'm not comfortable RPing this character." So which is it?

I have no issue with constructive criticism. I've just learned that a player who up and kills their character the moment things do not go there way ICly is not someone who's feedback about the game holds much weight with me. Especially when that person accuses that the entire staff of being sociopaths that just sign on to get a sick and twisted pleasure from screwing him or other players over.

You are incredibly out of touch with what is really going on here and you're just hiding your snide, self-serving BS behind nicer words than I am. I'm not going to mince words with you. You didn't like the role play so you took your ball and went home and on your way home you told every person you saw how wrong -they- were and how it was all -their- fault.

Take some responsibility for your role play and your actions or go elsewhere like you have claimed you would several times now.

I have had plenty of experiences with the staff to form an opinion. My first reaction (this is my first MOO/MUD experience) was that GMs often would just puppet NPCs to liven up what we were doing, or if we needed to interact with one. Then I met a few GMPCs and assumed it was just self masturbation of the big bad GMPC crushing us lowly PCs into dust. Which is what it felt like when I was looking from the wrong perspective.

I began to play more, and more, and learn that it's not only about me. I cannot do everything on my own. At all. Some of those high-and-mighty GMPCs I was so offended about were actually obstacles. For me to overcome. They were my BBEG that I could advance against, a tangible inspiration to get better at whatever it is I need to be better at. Most of all, these obstacles were things I could not easily do alone. It would make me seek out players I normally wouldn't interact with and get their help. It made me look for roleplay and take risks I might not take because this obstacle is a pain in the ass.

It's alright to feel frustrated, I'm sure the staff is aware I've been immature and didn't just do do something. It's because I'm passionate about the game and my PC. But I feel like their intentions are not to hurt me, they aren't doing something to strike against me and just rub my face in the dirt and kick over my sandcastle. They want to offer a more fulfilling experience for me to enjoy. Far from sociopathic behaviours, these people are volunteering a lot of effort to make things enjoyable for us.

:I I'd say give it another shot, stick around and stuff, but you seem fixed on leaving. Which is a shame because your PC always made a lot of noise, and made the games interesting.

While I can understand the intention of the staff to add ambient characters to create RP, the method of which is was done is my problem

My character was kissed twice by two PCs. Following the GMNPC came in and did the same. I have played PnP RPGs myself. If a player says "I lean forward and kiss [x] on the lips" then the GM/DM immediately looks to the other player to see their response. The player processes the information chooses any action they do in response and usually dice rolls are involved. If it fails, tough luck. But the player always has a chance to escape things. In the same way as I've rolled characters in PnP RPGs where their INT was low and I would do stupid shit because it felt right of the character. But it was me as the player acknowledging that it might end in my character's death or injury and still doing it, for the sake of RP.

That did not happen in this situation. In the RP scene it's Godmodding. I was godmodded kissed by two PCs and then by an GMNPC (who subsequently had ebola) without having time to process the information and react. Now my character didn't slap or attack any other character because I personally believe in getting into your character. Some people don't respond violently.

But the GMNPC came in, kissed, then coughed. There was no real warning and adequate time to flee, attempt to push away, attempt to fight. I was forced to be subjected to something that as a player I feel very uncomfortable with due to previous volunteer work and personal experiences. But I would of been able to deal with it if I had of had the option of responding in a method other than the "attack command" after the action has already taken place.

It's like playing tennis (RP) and the umpire (STAFF) running on to court and fouling a player and then claiming the player should suck it up when they argue that's unfair.

Again, you decided to quit and not carry on with the RP. The character list I presented shows you last characters and how long they lasted from chargen to perming. It is an accurate representation of facts from the game's logs.

But since you are saying I'm assuming things here you go:

4:44am 10/11/2099 Cain Immigration

2:24pm 10/12/2099 Cain permed (Less than 48h)

10:14am 10/13/2099 Luciana Immigration

2:43pm 10/15/2099 Luciana permed (Wow! more than 48h!)

3:30pm 10/15/2099 Duane Immigration

10:15am 10/16/2099 Duane permed (Less than 24h)

12:32pm 10/16/2099 Bryant Immigration

9:17am 10/18/2099 Bryant permed (Less than 48h)

9:53am 10/19/2099 Vickers Immigration

6:04pm 10/21/2099 Vickers permed (Wow! more than 48h!)

So yeah, I rounded up to 10 days... And I do understand you are testing builds, but that also represents that you didn't have any real experience of the kind of RP that happens in the game.

And yes I will point out that you are new and you haven't experienced things when your past experience in these characters doesn't outlast a week on a single character. That's because a week is the minimum time frame for anything we do.

But again, you quit and didn't have the experience this plot would take you and instead decided to lash out at the GMs in a very non-constructive way. I'm sorry, but that simply isn't the proper way to do things and while we will apply the rules to everyone just the same, we won't be here training people how to behave in the world. That is not what the admin are here for.

I meant I have been on here previously. Obviously my hiatus hasn't linked my previous characters (although Magnus is still in my characters list for some reason)

I have had experience of the kind of RP. I was involved in a rather epicly funny plot in game as Kobalt. Sure, she swandived after that, but it fitted the character and the theme (which I was told by staff was very themely and not to worry).

Again, my complaint is that the staff are not following their own rules and don't seem to care when players are upset about something they themselves have done. If you're going to disregard the fact you've upset someone so brazenly, so be surprised if that gets their back up.

You imposed a script on to me with bare limited options how to get out of it. It's 20k fine or death. For something I had no chance to respond to and was a completely random event. It doesn't matter what you had lined up - you (the staff collectively) forced me into a situation that I couldn't avoid. Yet at the same time, you'll say things like "It's all about the roleplay. Roleplay yourself out of things.". Then give the player chance to read and type a response, when there's 5/6 people emoting/talking at once all in the same coloured font.

Also I should point that I have experienced positive RP from the Staff in the past. During Kobalt she was on a mission to stir shit up. A man appeared (I forget his name, russian) looked like he was going to stab her. She reacted IC to basically saying "Bring it". He tried to give her a dildo.

What followed was a hilarious exchange of throwing dildo back and forth between the door of a Mag-Lev.

The staff do, do puppetting that increases RP for the better. But there as situations, like this, where an IC GMNPC situation seems unfair to the player to be forced upon. And every single time the staff's response (seems to be) just to deal with it or leave. That is the point I'm addressing.

Though I must make it clear that my complaint is valid, but that I am not attacking the SD Staff or SD in their entirety. The world, the work, the coding and such are spot on and fantastic and it's fantastic you all do it out of your spare time. And it's apparent that because of the nature of my outcry, it looks like I'm calling you all bastards and not appreciating the work you've done.

But it is harsh to assume that because a player FEELS like the Staff are being sociopathic, or cruel or unfair that they are wrong and are just incapable of understanding SD or cyberpunk in general.

The whole reason I'm bothering to reply is to at least try and convey the issue at hand, as it seems to have been lost by being out-of-context or being misinterprated(sp?). If I've offended any staff, I do genuinely apologize. But in the same way you're saying I should be able to take what the staff are saying on the chin, you too should take it on the chin that to some players, the staff do come across a lot in the public (or xhelp) light as being devoid of any caring for their players. Ironically sometimes it feels like talking to a Judge IC - and it is because you are fully comprehending what I'm saying beyond "You're just bitching."

I'm sorry dude, but your last two post are the most coherent of everything you said since your initial xhelp. You didn't curse at anyone, didn't call people bad names and didn't throw your chances of being heard by attacking others.

I finally now see the issue and all I can say is that if you RP being indifferent to things they will happen to you... You could have left the room, posed slapping people around, expressed your discontent on local OOC but as you said you did nothing and didn't react or said anything until you noticed you had contracted a disease from the actions.

All of the options I put here are acceptable and non "attack command" ways to RP out of it. But it was only a problem after you had consequences from it from what I can see. And to that all I can say is: Chin up.

You were okay with the RP all the way to the point your char got in debt. And this is not how things go. You either raise a flag saying "ooc hey I don't want to be kissed, I'd slap you away" the moment things happen or you don't. And RP ensues both ways...

Sindome isn't a MUD where people pose in turns with a paragraph each (I've played a bunch of those too) and for being like that the response time has to be faster. It is all about short actions, short poses and short emotes. You can do a speech, but here it will take you several poses and emotes to do it not a paragraph like in other places.

if this was a PC caused situation I'd understand more.

How in the world do you know it wasn't?

I'm here to tell you that the choices of multiple PCs led to this.

We GMs didn't just go "Give everyone Ebola why not" and then go start doing it. We reacted to what was happening in the game.

Guess what? That shit is highly contagious.

So you can thank your player mates, including the good sports who didn't ragequit this MOO... TWICE... for helping to create this situation and this world.

But you obviously know more about RP and more about how Sindome is supposed to be than anyone else around here.

I'm motherfucking sorry, but, "It's not me who needs to be convincing, it's you"? This game is very obviously not what you think it is, and your fucked up RP has seriously disrupted it in the past, Azzameen.

I don't know what you're even still doing here. Are you trying to quit or what? GTFO. Why doesn't the ban extend to the BGBB? Why doesn't the intention to not use your Sindome account ("DELETEMEPLEASE") extend to the forums? If you don't want to log in, don't log in.

There is so much wrong with your attitude toward this game, its OTHER PLAYERS ("3/4 of you lost my respect!") and its staff that I'm just floored. You're obviously one of those people who gets off more on OOC conflict than IC conflict.

The end.


Thanks for the a mature, unbiased response firstly. I apologize if I seemed incoherent or using swear words. I was touchtyping fast whilst multitasking on something else, so I merely was transcripting what I was say in person, into text.

Thing is, I tried to roll with the situation. While the logs, I'm sure, show that I didn't seem that annoyed or concerned about what happened, from my perspective everything was happening so fast, that I didn't have time to respond to much.

And I tried to not harm other people's RP for my own OOC concerns. Nor did I have time to. It was either bitch ooc and disrupt the flow of the event, or bottle it up and let others continue. I had other people's concerns and RP in consideration. So I let it continue, with the intention of raising the issue once the event was over. The 20k forced debt was the final nail in the coffin where I didn't even bother.

I KNEW full well that xhelping or ooc bitching would result in one of the "firmer" staff to just tell me to shut up, carry on or leave/get banned. Thus, I reserved any complaints and just dealt with it until appropriate. But as it was very late here and I had lost all motivation to continue playing, I OOC died as a quick solution.


Firstly it's good to see you Linekin. When I returned I did send an email to Johnny - asking the best way to contact you or to pass a message of apology to you for my comments to you when I left before. He never gave me a contact info so I assume he passed on the message. Apparently not. You can ask him, if he still has it, to pass on the email to you. I addressed the situation and actually ASKED if it was cool to come back with him. He was fine with it. I don't appreciate your comments. But regardless.

I KNOW it was a GMNPC situation because once again it was a case of Staff being aware of the situation of the RP in Drome and through the useage of "Theme Aspects" bringing in a GMNPC. I can tell when it's a staff induced situation - no offense, but you guys don't hide your puppeting that well.

I know the PCs were a prime factor in spreading it, but I was already halfway through trying to deal with them, when Jerry stepped in and made it a furball of text.

Your attitude here proves my exact point and thus, I don't have to comment further. The whole reason I'm still replying is one to try and get across that my reaction - whilst annoyance fuelled - was that of my legit opinion on the matter. Whether it offended anyone or got someone defensive, I have already apologized for if that has been caused but my point still stands. Whether you intend to or not, believe it or not, the staff have a habit of being very rude (like right now) to anyone who doesn't believe 100% in what they say.

I'm not saying I know more about RP. But then you can't say that either. The whole "I've done it 10 years thing" is irrelevant. I've met young plumbers or are more adept at plumbing than a 30yr Veteran. I base people on their actions, not their experience.

My statement (if you bothered to read it in context) was saying I had IN CHARACTER lost respect for the people. Which means my character, realistically, would avoid them them in future - hey, someone causes you to get ebola, you hold a grudge (especially if you're putting the point forward that they caused it).

My attitude is perfectly fine. It is clear to anyone rational that the responses people recieve to anything to do with Sindome are generally "Don't like it? Fuck off. Your fault, not ours." and if that's how you think you should react to situations then you're more the cause than I.

I'm not going to comment further. I thought that as people you'd appreciate me explaining things out and the fact that I felt abused by admin. Whether that was the case or not, is irrelevant. I still felt it, it should be addressed, so that if that happens again in future you can deal with it calm and collectively. Clearly, discussing this in private becomes some sort of cover-up so I brought it to the players attention in case some people do have concerns about staff (I am almost certain they do) but don't feel confident enough to say it without being spoken to like shit, told we're useless or incapable of playing the game, or disregarding the whole situation.

Some people have responded in anger at my comments. I have apologized, I hope they accept it and I understand that they are defensive because it feels like I'm pointing fingers or slandering SD in it's entirety.

Some people have responded maturely and rationally and for those, I thank you.

You Linekin? You really need to learn to not be biased as a staff member. We fell out. I left. I spoke to Johnny, I gave my reasons, Johnny was cool with and I asked to pass on an apology (as I haven't seen you on as well as not wanting to xhelp for it) to you, and returned. I truely hope you try and remain unbiased in future.

Please lock. Delete it if you wish. Certainly there is an air of "Crush any form of criticism or complaint" when it comes to Sindome. Ironically, you can't bitch on the bitch board.


P.S. by 3/4 I meant 3 to 4, not three quarters.

OOCly, you have an extremely hard time accepting that things aren't the way you think they should be. We don't live in that kind of world, Thelma. I reserve the right to react OOCly to OOC provocations. That's not bias.

Yes, Johnny forwarded your email to me. I remembered who you were and honestly didn't even feel like any apology was necessary I fully intended to, and would have, xhelped you after your re-registration to say what I said to Johnny: "No hard feelings on my part. Welcome back. Game on." But we weren't on the MOO at the same time and that opportunity is gone now.

I can and will be unbiased ICly.

Ask around: GMs can tell you that I have different OOC attitudes about different players, but I'm confident that they'd tell you that my IC dealings with their IC characters are fair. There may be some who get more of my attention than others, but that's almost 100% a function of play times (global zones), and the remainder is a function of their actual RP and IC situations.

If you want to come back in 7 or however many days it is now, I'm not going to single your characters out for IC hardship. Nor am I going to wrap them in fluff.

If you don't want to game on, I understand. If you do, I understand that too, it's a fun game to those who both "get it" and appreciate it (not everyone does), and I won't single out any character, any of yours or of whoever's, for IC hardship. I won't wrap any in fluff, either, but there you have it.

I wasn't sorry to see you come back to the game. I won't be sorry if you do again. But man, this stuff makes all of us defensive. Pages and pages and pages of "I'm right and you all are wrong" is what I'm taking from the above.

Sorry for not honoring your wish that this thread be locked (if it's even possible, I don't know how to do it), but, your tactic of saying provocative stuff and not wanting anyone else to respond back isn't fair and shouldn't be expected to work.

We don't delete player accounts. It happens automatically after a bunch of weeks without a login. Own that yourself.

Last thing:

We know who the brand new characters and the novice players are. You didn't give yourself a chance to find, or give us a chance to reveal, "ways out" of the situation. You were too quick to suicide ICly and blow the fuck up OOCly. So now you have no way to know what could have happened if you had game'd on and combined your own creativity and ours.