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Stats question?
not really a problem, just wondering.

i've been pretty good at reading the help files and other such niceties... but i still have a few questions concerning stats... maybe i'm just blind and it's somewhere in a file all nicely explained and i just havn't found it yet.

... i'm a bit confused as to what is the highest level of a skill or stat that you can get.

like, for example, is there a maximum on perception, or luck? or in skills, a maximum for medical etc?
and if so, how do you know when you have reached it? is there a way to see the numerical value of what your character is made up of? or can you just keep throwing UEs at your stats/skills till the cows come home?

hope that makes sense.


Yes, there is a max to stats and skills.. but the odds of your character lasting in the game that long are about as good as getting hit by lightning. As you put more into each skill, the cost to raise it will grow. Some players need to shove 8 UE into a skill just to raise it a very tiny amount.

No, you cannot and will not be able to see the amount of points put into your stats/skills.

To expand on that, we don't show you the numbers behind the words because the goal of the game is to roleplay, NOT to advance your character.

While it is true that we have a lot of stuff dependant on stats, all this exists to further the roleplaying and not to further your stats/wealth/game status.

Stat and skill wordings are meant as an abstract reference to your characters abilities in a given field. Knowing the maximum level and/or your current level in relation to other people isn't possible because, as in real life, there is no exact measure of your personal abilities and talents.

The words/levels should be enough to give you a very rough idea of your characters abilities and let you observe your slow progress in each field.

mkay, thanks for the explenations!

i'm not too familier with roleplaying games so i wasn't sure what exactly stats are or how important they are in the overall game.

now i geet eet. :)

What are the odds of getting cancer.....?

I'm liking my chances of keeping dom long enough to max out....eheheheh