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Request/Suggestion combo

Johnny announced the use of stickers in-game as modifiers to clothing, armor, etc. for indicating damage at 2015 Town Hall. I love it! Was wondering why a shirt had a slash in it.

Can we take it further and get custom stickers? My mind turns to corpse manipulation (some Red Dragon / TV show 'Hannibal' type stuff), notes scrawled in blood on walls, quick customization of a basic standard cybernetic arm, etc. Perhaps make this an applied part of the artistry skill?

Side note from IC experience here, perhaps worth noting, falling damage (causing bleeding) doesn't seem to create a sticker. Perhaps by design. But it does leave a new player wondering where they got hurt at so they can create appropriate scars in their @nakeds.

Sticker usage is being carefully rolled out as a tool available to us for enriching the game play. You will eventually get 'stickers' that you can apply to things in various ways. Something close to traditional clothing patches will be available and I intend for tailors to be able to make new patches.

The word I -won't- use to refer to your use of patches is 'custom'. Custom means thousands and thousands of patches with 1 fucking use and that is exactly the situation we need to avoid. :)