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Stuff needing fixed in game
From a ooc discussion on moo

Enforcers? I don't think the m246 part has ever really worked.

Shoplift, we touched on that briefly, just wanted to post a reminder.

Stackable armor.   Dermalweave should work with other forms of armor, etc...

Also truesights for shotguns, enforcers etc...
There are attacks in place for the grenade part of the Enforcer. I haven't seen them used though, since there's no ammo for it at the moment. Yeah, so it's still a feature that needs addressing.

TruSights work for all ranged weapons.. shotguns and Enforcers included.

Shoplift is off because players own shops and someone with high enough skill could easily rob every shop in the game when no admin was on.
Also, holy shit, I am totally uber with over 700 posts.  I don't think I've even posted on this account for 2+ years.  HOW MANY POSTS DO YOU HAVE?   IF IT'S UNDER 500 YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG.
Shoplift should be redesigned in such a way that while you can steal some shit, it can't be used to empty a store, or in any unrealistic sort of way.  IMHO.
But then the cannons would have to work again.

Still...perhaps like 'search' in the park sometimes turns up random shit, steal/shoplift can?

And maybe the same code used to earn you a good/bad rep with the gangs can be used to earn you a good/bad rep at a store...if you get caught enough (or at all) then maybe you get banned or get less dough from the shop during a buyback.

Maybe for each consecutive item you try to steal from a store in, say, any given day, makes it that much harder to steal the next item.  So a super good thief could steal on, maybe 2 items no problem, but if they get over greedy, they get caught.
Which brings us to consequences for getting caught.  I would think if you got caught in a store even once they would ban you for a long time, if not life.  Not even just refusing to sell to you, but even calling TERRA/judges if you enter the store.  Yes, this would become a bitch, not being able to enter a store without getting jumping by the popo, but it's what would realistically happen if you tried to steal from a place and got caught.  Maybe to make it a bit more fair, when a player goes to steal something, it gives them a message of they're overall odds of getting caught then asks if they want to proceed.  Something like, "Lifting that medpak is gonna be a cakewalk/easy/a little tricky/pretty hard/almost impossible."
This bring me to my third point.  I saw mention of faction NPCs not buying from you if you're disguised.  I think the same should go for stores.  If you come in disguised, they tell you to remove it, and if you refuse, they call the popo.  Halloween just rolled by, and I saw quite a few stores with signs up saying you couldn't where masks while in the store.
I'm gonna post here because.

There's lots of shit being worked on (proportional to the available people/time to do the work, because RL) but I'll put my theory on balancing shoplifting here anyway.

The difficulty of shoplifting an item should be based on the item's:

Which display it's stored in.

Higher value items will be watched more closely, and larger/heavier items are harder to slip into your pocket. Try shoplifting a wallscreen IRL. Stick that 50" LED HDTV in your pants.

And obviously, if something is in a case rather than a shelf, it'll be harder to take it without anyone noticing.

That said, there should also be a 'sweet spot' for shoplifting. Immediately when you enter a shop, for a few moments the staff's attention is solely on you. It should be nigh impossible to steal immediately on entering.

Likewise, if you stand around too long, the staff will get suspicious and start watching you more closely. This would also make it less likely to be successful.

Mechanically, it'd be a debuff on your thievery skill that lasts renews itself while you're in the store, with a gap between renewals to represent the 'sweet spot'. Once something is stolen from that shop, you don't get the gap between renewals anymore - for any shop in that level. Word gets around over SIC, I expect.

So, theoretically, an easy thing to do would be to go into Uncle Sungh's, hang around for a couple minutes and swipe a bag of soyanuts or a lighter. Going into Tickers and swiping a Rolex would be the higher end. And everyone would get a turn at swiping something every day, with a lot of room for making mistakes and finding the perfect 'technique' to maximize your profits without emptying every fucking store.

I was contemplating this, and I like all of Guardian's ideas.  

I think the main problem with implimenting shoplift in game is because the term 'abuse' has never been defined.  I think once lines are drawin in the sand regarding what's acceptable shoplifting, and what's not.  (or carved in stone more likely)   Then figuring out how to handle the rest should fall together pretty easily.  I'd be more than happy to contribute things I've seen elsemoos that seem to work really well.