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Suicide problems
I just want to die!

If ease of suicide is something you're okay with, I'd appreciate some kind of revision of suicide methods. It might be something that's been introduced by new code, eg the fatigue system, but jumping from extremely high places (probably between 4-8 floors), and literally everything else I've tried bar randomly attacking things, won't kill me outright. It puts me just on the edge of death so that getting close to anything dangerous takes me 30 minutes of crawling from room to room.

The problem this creates for me is that I often create characters who are far less interesting than I'd thought, leave the MOO for a week or two, get a great character idea, come back and then have to spend a good hour or two actually figuring out how to get my last character in trouble without taking him wildly OOC.

(Edited by darKPete at 12:16 pm on Aug. 5, 2009)

Just log off in the dome entrance and let the inevitable death dealing newbie take you. ;) It's SD's homage to Russian roulette.
Sleep killing requires an admin now.  If you want to die, xhelp and I will be more then happy to cut throat!
do it the fun way, screw some big-shot mob boss over hard. Run into the HOJ with a gun and start poppin shots, get a bomb or make a vest out of frags and daisy chain them and go camp in an office with some hostages at NLM tower and make outrageous demands.

Zeromancer - Doctor Online (youtube vid)

Thank you for calling 1-800-SUICIDE
If you wish to self-terminate by electric shock, Press 1
For termination by overdose, press 2
If you would like to make a reservation to visit our drowning pool, please press 3
For termination by hanging, please press 4
For death by self-inflicted gunshot, press 5
To speak to a representative, stay on the line
If you do not wish to die, please hang up now

Just listening to that on the radio earlier and it kinda struck me as something that could fit in the SD world really well. In a world of cloning, why not offer a perfectly legal "luxury" suicide experience. Granted, you won't remember it when your clone wakes up, but hey, that's half the fun... or something. Of course, that disclaimer you signed waived all responsibility in the event you don't come back. :)

As a game mechanic, not necessarily just a "way out" to terminate unwanted characters, but with cloning it gets some RP mileage. Corporate group bookings, suicide cult wannabes, watch your own online suicide or freak your kids out on April 1st.

Ahaha, that's awesome.