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Talking to an NPC
This applies to everyone

So, this is a bit of a rant, because it used to just be 'known' how you interacted with an NPC when you needed a GM to puppet.  Now, it appears it's not so let us go over the rules.

#1 - Talk to the NPC as if they were a normal character.  We as GM's see the messages you are sending and if we are available we will puppet.

#2 - If there is something critical you need us to know, leave an @player-note - Player notes are not for bitching and moaning.  Just aprising us of things we may need to be aware of (plots, plans, etc).

#3 - If you don't have 5 minutes to wait, don't start a conversation with an NPC, expecting an immediate puppet and walk away 30 seconds later.  I can't explain how annoying it is for us to drop what we are doing and puppet for you just to find that you aren't there anymore.  Wait five minutes.  If you want to talk to the NPC several times, filling him in on why you are there, that's fine.  Here is an example.

Player to NPC: Hey <--- Well I don't know if I need to puppet or not.  Maybe you are just saying what up.

Player to NPC: Hey, Whatsup?  Wanted to talk to you about that gat you wanted.  <-- Okay now I know I need to puppet.

Player to NPC (after a few minutes): You listening chum?  Got that thang you wanted.

Player to NPC (If you need to walk away from the NPC try saying good bye so we know you are gone!): You look busy, I'll hit you up later.

#4 Do not xhelp asking us to puppet unless it is an emergency.  

Also, be aware that you must use directed speech.  IE: to or a pose with the persons name in it, or we do not see it on our end.

to npc hi

.look at npc and .say, "Hi".

Both work.karsai5

There are 2 or 3 other BGBB topics which are even more helpful than this one with regards to understanding how to get results from talking to NPCs.

Also helpful are the topics which discuss @notes, which is your fallback option after trying to talk to a NPC and not getting GM attention.

Language. It seems like there are several NPCs whose language fluency does not match their location, affiliation, description, or in some cases even their @lp. The @bug system seems to not want this 'in character' information. Are players OK to post these opinions on discrepancies and what NPCs 'should' know on here? Or where is more desired?
You can submit this information in a bug report, just make the bug private.

This is however, off topic, and should be an xhelp question or a new discussion topic.

Locking this topic.

(Edited by Slither at 10:47 am on 10/11/2020)