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taxi issues
get gas before you pick me up dumbass

  Someone please explain this to me, cause I'm having some trouble understanding the logic behind this.  I call a cab from the corner of Skywatch and Saedor, I intend to go to Sense/Net. When the cab arrives, I hop in the back, and before I can even type speak loudly, or exit, or any other command, the driver proceeds to tell me he's low on gas and he'll bring me back here if I want when he's done. Then we drive to fucking Kro's.... the opposite direction from where I'm heading, and upon arrival he charges me for the fucking ride I didn't even want... what the fuck is that shit???  There's gotta be some other way of doing that, or at least some way of telling him to let me the fuck out once he starts moving. I've seena  thread on here about  driver commands, but I couldn't any of them to work in cabs, "driver stop here" doesn't work, "driver let me out here" doesn't work, a number of other verbiages that I tried were all to no avail. It's not even about the 210 chy either.. that's just fuckin a pain in the ass, but the fact that I have no control over going on that ride or not is what pisses me off about the situation. Once again though, if I'm doing something wrong, please let me know, but I know I read the commands right fromthe thread I saw, and they didn't do a thing in the cab, maybe they work in limo's and shit, but fuckin Ernesto just keeps on truckin regardless of what I yell at him from the back seat.
The gas code overrides everything else because it's the only way to keep the taxi's functioning.  They are supposed to go get gas on their own, after a fare.  Most likely you called at the exact moment someone else got out of the car and it sped off to get you before it had time to get gas.

This is the first time I've heard of this problem if it happens again let me know.

This has actually happened to me at least 5 or 6 times.
Definetly a reoccuring issue. Probably related to the tunnel extension combined with some people's tendancies to make taxies "hurry". That shit eats ethanol like nobodies business.

I've honestly reached the point where i hate driving purely because of the tunnels, but that's just me.

Let's discuss that as well.  Do the tunnels make driving to expensive?  Should Eth be cheaper?  Should taxi's be more expensive?
It's not just a matter of tunnels making driving expensive. It's the rate which ethanol is consumed by vehicles combined the the amount of driving possible to get anywhere of note.

Combined with having to type in 40 rooms worth of direction to get anywhere, it makes me cranky. Maybe if there was a way to minimize the necessary input like

drive 5e w 5s


I dunno how anyone else who uses vehicles on the regular feels about this. Discuss.

Quote: from ReeferMadness on 7:45 am on Jan. 18, 2010[br]Combined with having to type in 40 rooms worth of direction to get anywhere, it makes me cranky. Maybe if there was a way to minimize the necessary input like

drive 5e w 5s

Given the way taxis work wouldn't it be possible to implement a "driveto" type command on all vehicles to calculate a path using the taxi logic and set you on your way automagically? Might not get you to a precise location but it could be used to do the lions share of the work for longer journeys.

Maybe implemented as a kind of satnav option so you can set a destination, review the route it'll send you along then another command to start following the route without typing it all out.

(Edited by Rastus2 at 9:38 am on Jan. 18, 2010)

That's an awesome idea.
Having a vehicle at all is a major convenience, therefore the time, money, and effort to maintain a vehicle should be relatively high. Slummers who work at SHI and live in a cube might be able to get around with a jalopy they half-push/half-drive around the Mix, but that doesn't mean they can afford to pay the toll in gas to go revving up to Blue and back. �High eth and car maintenance cost should be mitigated or hindered by socioeconomic status. So I'd say let the prices stay the same and have the characters figure out how to afford either.

Now with that said, different vehicles -should- have different levels of fuel economy, with bigger vehicles being gas hogs with huge fuel tanks and smaller, lighter vehicles having better mileage and smaller tanks.

Additionally, fuel prices on the real world side fluctuate based on supply and demand. I doubt supply and demand are static in Withmore City and the rest of the Sindomian world, therefore ethicol prices should periodically fluctuate.

As for Rastus's autonav idea, I love it, but think it should be an add-on for cars, like GPS systems, rather than a base feature.

(Edited by Grim at 11:24 pm on Jan. 21, 2010)

I've got to agree with ReeferMadness on the vehicles. Thank god for the special driveto verb we have for NPC's, because I swear I'd never use them as an admin.

My alt has a vehicle so I agree that the extension of the express tubes made driving between levels horrible If you've already got the directions mapped out and are able to paste that, it's not so bad. However, do it manually and try to have a conversation or RP while in the vehicle and you get lost pretty quickly. I can't tell you the amount of times I went back and forth inside the tubes because I forgot which direction I was going. haha

It's definitely easier to jump in a taxi and cheaper. If I'm heading between levels with my character, I'm always going to use a taxi. Would you do that in the real world if you had a car? Hell no. It's expensive as hell to get a cab anywhere.. at least where I live. Why should taxis in Withmore be cheaper than driving yourself? They're paying for the exact same fuel AND they're trying to make a living.

Options here...
1. Raise taxi fares.

2. Lower the cost of ethanol and/or modify vehicles so they can get further on that tank of gas.

As far as the GPS system goes, I've wanted to see an auto-pilot type of thing since vehicles were introduced. Some vehicles have a navigation system. This, however, only shows you the current level you are on and basic directions in the form of a map with the route highlighted. Nifty, but certainly doesn't relieve the frustration of the person trying to get their character someplace.

A full on auto-pilot may not make the most realistic sense considering what we have for set up vehicles, but something in between could work.

Speaking of taxis. Somebody fix the aerocabs. I miss that service lol.
At least two of them are working just fine at the moment.
The problem with Aero's is that sometimes they try to fly through buildings and therefor they never go -anywhere-.  Since it validates the path before trying to move.

If that happens and you REALLY want to use that aerodyne, try sending it somewhere in the opposite direction, onto a different street or different part of the same sector.  At that point, when you try to go where you really want to go.. it will choose a different (hopefully valid) path.

I've tried to fix the problem but it's giving me trouble and it's time consuming.

If you don't want to pay the fare to move the 'dyne, then get out, walk somewhere else and call for another.

Don't just keep calling them to the same place or they will all break heh.

Oh, shit.
This reminds me of a bug I've been meaning to tell you folks about, regarding taxi fares...

The main reason I haven't told anyone is so I don't get screwed with paying for a gas fare and then having to pay to get to my destination afterwards.

If you get in a cab, tell the driver where you want to go and wait for the doors to lock... Then you slot just 1 chyen, the doors will unlock, he will tell you thanks for the tip, and you're free to exit the vehicle when ever you want. Including @ your destination. Though, when you arrive he'll ask for the owed amount, but the doors are no longer locked and you can leave.

Again, I should have reported it a while back when I found it, but I was lazy. And this was the only way to avoid paying double fares when I would get a cab that needed eth.

Yes, this is a bug I've known about for awhile.  If I see anyone using it that isn't doing it because of eth, I will cell you for a week.

It will be fixed soon enough.  For now, I've added a logger that notify the GMs when someone does it.ReeferMadness