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Temporary Stat Effects Bug Fix
Important, read!

Hey Everyone,

One of our coders found a pretty big bug in the way we compute temporary stat penalties and boosts. Any time you took a drug, did a stim patch, got a cyberware, put on clothing that reduced your perception, put on armor that weighed you down or slowed you down, it was doubling the effects (positive and negative).

No one ever noticed before, because it effected everyone exactly the same. It's been noticed now (THANK YOU CODER!) and this means that systems should be much more balanced. That stat penalty for wearing a helmet? Less. That stat penalty for using a stim patch? Less. That stat penalty for coming off of drugs? Less. The stat penalty for taking critical damage? Less.

It also means our cyberware and drugs are balanced the way we intended. Which is better than the double bonuses (and penalties) you were currently getting.


Some of you know that there is a cyberware that boosts your endurance which allows you to have more cyberware without getting PDS. This is no longer as effective and as such, some of you MAY have PDS.

For those of you that do, please go see a doctor ICly and have a piece of cyberware removed (or just take drugs constantly hehe).

Another Warning

NPCs have cyberware less often than players. Which means their stats remain largely unaffected. Keep this in mind when challenging or fighting NPCs.

All in all this is a good find, a good fix, and a step toward a more balanced game for everyone. Hopefully all of you are reaping the benefits of this change already!

- S

Visibility bump.

Everyone wearing armor: remove it and put it back on.