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The @Commands: An Undertaking
A full list and details of the ones exposed by the client.

So at current the @ commands are a mixture of IC and OOC information, both affecting and presenting. It was recently pointed out on reddit that these commands should be entirely OOC. As such they can be discussed pretty freely. And I'm gonna do some of that in this very long post.

I'm gonna go through the ones that I know of, and offer slight commentary and suggestions for each one. This is a VERY long post so please don't read it all in one go, or take all the suggestions as monolithic. This is just a short review, and basically my fresh thoughts on each command. And not at all a list of demands or any exact suggestions. Just, this is what I consider to be sane. This is also not demanding that all of these work like I'm suggesting, nor is it demanding that these changes are implemented exactly as I mention them. I'm posting this here, to add additional voice to the situation. And also to open discussion from all of the players on here about this.

This will be indexed with the starting letter marked three times, so AAA BBB CCC, for easier searching through and grabbing of specific commands.


@add-note and @an

Entirely OOC nothing wrong. This is how you report shit the the GM's. Also doesn't fit the syntax of other add commands, and might be better off either converting the others to the same syntax(as the dash is clearer for people with screen readers) or converting this one to @addalias


I have been warned in previous months to not use this command without staff telling you too. Not sure if these warnings still apply. Purely OOC and useless for most. And doesn't match the other more front facing multiword commands. Meaning it might just be a case of an admin only command that's rawer. Or it might be old as fuck and not touched for awhile.


Takes an argument of UE or AE, mentions AE which may or may not be a thing. I've never heard of it. Purely OOC.


This is something I've never seen before. And appears to be accessibility options. Purely OOC affecting only how information is presented to the player and not the character.


Affects Presentation, purely OOC.


GM only command, OOC, purely so. And I can only speculate on what it does. Again doesn't match the current structure of multiword commands including dashes, so it might either be old, or just more raw in comparison to more frunt facing commands.



Important and purely OOC It's how you tell the devs something went massively wrong. Don't change this. At least not at it's base implementation level.



Presents an in character variable at the player access level, that being what the weapon you are using is. However as that is something obvious It's an edge case in my opinion at least on the player level. Conveys IC information, but is mostly something the person OOC would care about. At a staff level there's a permission denied overload function in the form of @current-weapon weapon is message. Advice, either permission deny overloading it or somehow indicate that @current-weapon weapon is message is a staff only command in it's command description.


Clears your console, pretty obviously OOC.



Purely OOC, affects command preferences for what weapon you're going to use if you've got say two things in your hands. Set it too your main weapon in your inventory and it does a lot of nice things. Again purely OOC.


Default style for hand to hand I think... Might also be if it ignores a weapon in hand and favors unarmed attacks. Don't have a real way to test right now. Purely OOC as far as I am aware.


OOC and an admin command by the looks of it, wasn't wanting to mess around to find out, too much potential to bork things. Looks like it affects how information is presented in a display. So the stuff on the back end being converted to the front end. This is a helper for it.


Used in many places. @describe post as "This post is long and tiring, with not much to say about most things."

I'm of two minds about this. In one hand, this is an OOC command where you clearly can affect change IC information. Namely your characters appearance. On the other is it really IC changing your desc line? And I had a long ramble after this about how to rework the appearance and naked code to work with the new disguise system once it's ironed out, but that will be a separate post eventually, because really technically speaking it's not relavent to a command review and is more fit for a review of the systems related to the commands.



Your OOC email address, purely OOC next.


I think this is another admin command like display options. Again not really wanting to try this out though. And it just appears to change how the systems handle the editors and such that you use in game. Gonna call it purely OOC and another display function.



Affects whether you go for the kill in combat. A lot of these combat commands I'm gonna repeat the same things. While yes, this affects an OOC element, IE whether you strike to kill. I feel they also have an IC element in that that decision is important to your character and should be a case where you make this an IC command. Not an obvious IC command. But the idea of if this is a character that goes for the kill should be model'd icly and have an IC seriousness about it. Having it be an OOC toggle disrespects that.


Heheh, this one is outright useless and affects nothing or nearly nothing.


Shows you the status of the OOC forums and newsboards in game. Obviously OOC no problem here.




History is backstory which is ultimately not relavent to the character ICly in the moment, and this is also the command for the history system. I'd like there to be an IC command to display your history, just in the case that you need to recollect. Maybe it can be an emote style command that just prints, "JoeBaka's lost for a moment in reverie." Or something like that. And then displays out your history.


Is a combat system command but also really relavent ICly and OOCly. And should be something that's considered IC.


I don't actually know what this one does. Maybe it displays like a blog or something if you want it to do that? Gonna assume it's ooc till otherwise stated. Could be a grid command though...


This one is obviously OOC. And obvious in function.



Go IC from the OOC room.


toggle yourself invisible in @who. Invis is in fact the bizz.





See @fatal

@look_place me is

This should be an IC command, it effects IC positioning and appearance, and is in effect and automatic emote when someone enters the room. It is not OOC in anyway beyond being a setter for an IC state. Also has differing formatting from the other multiword commands and I'd suggest changing it to look-place. Without the at, and with a dash in place of the _.


This is an ooc command for if you're gonna use a certain stat. It's OOC, because ICly you aren't going to know if you're lucky or not.


When does your word wrap start? This is OOC. Also does not match the other multiple word commands.


Shows when and where from you last connected, for the utterly paranoid, or just those concerned about time.


@macros @macros-add and @macros-add

All ooc command chaining. Ever see someone enter their key combo on a door, instantly open it and start to walk through? This is why.


Shows a fancy and OOC info box. I'll post it here as well, cause it's nice.


Them bars in moo info made it eat my post again, here's the continuation.

No suggestions here other than to extend the top and bottom bar by one character cause they don't match or meet up right, but it's utterly a nitpick.


Makes your text show more if it gets linebuffered.


Admin stuff again I think.

@messages object

Shows a bunch of things about an object like what it looks like worn, unworn, on the ground. Looks a bit like this for an immy top.

@wear top is "You pull on your %t."

@owear top is "%N pulls on %p %t."

@remove top is "You pull your %t off."

@oremove top is "%N pulls %p %t off."

@worn top is "Faded white lettering spells out the word, '%logo' on the front of %p %color t-shirt."

@blood_description top is "blood stains"

@tease top is "You absent mindedly poke and fiddle with your %t."

@dtease top is "%N % %D with %p %t."

@otease top is "%n absent mindedly pokes and fiddles with %p %t."

It's an ooc conveyance of IC information. Used by people who need access to that shit. To make IC objects.


@naked body part is

This is like @describe object, debatably an IC action, as it's an OOC way to change IC information.


OOC conveyance of IC information used for editing with @naked body part is

@name genericobject is name

Names an object Used a lot of places. And is an ooc setter for ic information. It's another of the loosey goosey ones like @describe and @naked. Cause it is technically an OOC entity effecting an IC one.


shows your OOC notes to the admins


Noobs, use this. Heed this, love this. It's OOC information you can use to inform IC information.


should be syntactically to match it's function description @note-edit. And it seems to be away for admins and players to edit notes after they are recorded. Maybe.



You wander off to take a piss, and get absorbed into the crowd for a bit. If you use this, do it either suddenly for good reason(My house is on fire, I have to pee really bad.) And for short periods of time. If you DC while OOC'd expect to get stripped and frisked. And if your house really is on fire. Tell the admins, they can teleport you someplace safe, it's like the one reason they can do that.


It's your game options. Have fun, it's OOC. Used to be a bug where if you set you proom color to something different you'd show up like a complete special snowflake. Dunno if that bug's still there.



Does nothing. Or is an admin command they've actually properly restricted.


How many lines before splitting it up. Line bufffer essentially, 0's good for the web client. People with screen readers might do like 10-15. Really depends.


Reset your password.



You can check out, but you may never leave. Use it to disconnect.



The OOC rules you agree to abide by.


Do not, repeat, do not just spam an NPC hoping for a GM to respond. Instead, fucking use this thing. give em some manner of way to contact you. And use it. Please and the admin team will probably thank you. It's OOC and pretty vital. DO NOT USE XHELP TO REQUEST PUPPETS. YOU WILL LIKELY BE CURSED AT PRIVATELY OR PUBLICALLY.


Probably an admin function does nothing for players, and so is OOC.


Could be considered IC or OOC. But ultimately affects command permissions with is an inherently OOC thing most of the time. I'd honestly put this and @trust as regular commands but I can see the argument the other way.



There's literally no consistency for some of these commands and as you've seen I'm basically stopped pointing out when two word commands don't have dashes. And vice versa. This is something the dev team could work on, but it's VERY VERY low priority.


Find some cyberpunk slang


See look_place for my commentary on this one as well. In short, It's IC and pretty immediately so. And should be set as an IC command.


Your stats screen. Which is full of some OOC information about your character. Use it to educate yourself on how bad you are. OOC


Lists a bunch of emotes you can do with bare words commands


Set your ooc preferences for adjectives and adverbs used in your @socials.



This effects which actions you have given OOC and IC permission and consent to be used upon you. It's fine, and could be mostly OOC. It's more of an internal to the character's characterization affecting as opposed to external appearances and such. However it is an IC decision to trust someone so it could be better conveyed. The trust system is a vaguely IC system.


OOC coveyence of IC information.

@tp me is

see look_place, same thing applies here, it's an ooc setter for IC information and postures. And should have the same status as an emote essentially.

AS another note.

WHY IS @temp-place in the right syntax that you seem to prefer for all the other things, but sleep_place and look_place aren't...


Conveys IC information. And even asks if you have a watch on. It's an ic command, suggest replacing with check-time.


Conveyance of IC information to OOC for the purposes of removing or checking trust status. It's fine as it is.

@title me is

Adds a title to your characters name, like Baka, or CisScum.


report typos yuo fnid pleas and thanks. OOC command



Sets an ic variable from ooc, but again it's a wishy washy thing here. And the trust system is in a nebulous state of OOC and IC at the same time that could do to be clarified.



sets accent in essence JoeBaka says *In a gruff yet casual tone of voice* "Fuck off", could be considered an ic thing. Could be considered an ooc thing. Really don't know where to put this one. I'd lean towards it being an IC thing though. But that's just my interpretation.


@wow @wisdom

Sets Wit or Wisdom in @who


Lets you set word wrap on or off. May or may not still do something.


Hey can I meta with this? Probably. Must be why two thirds the people on it are invis 90% of the time.



Connect to an OOC chat channel.


Tune your listening to an OOC channel but don't make it your main xmsg channel


TURN OFF THE NOISE. When ooc gets too talkative. Just @xsilence that bitch.




General thoughts on this and some takeaways. If you're going to do a full review of OOC commands and the @ commands as well A: @ and all commands commands. Clarify the syntax and unify it. Come up with a single style that all commands follow, decide how multiword commands are handled, and hold yourselves too that command structure. B: Decide and have made open what is considered an OOC command, is it just things that convey information? Or can OOC commands affect the IC world(As several at this point do)? Etc etc. These are questions that should be asked about each and every one of these commands.C: Come up with a common way of presenting whether or not something is an admin command, and stick to that as well. After accidentally pinging several, "You don't have permissions" while writing this post, I just told xhelp to not worry about it and that I was writing a post. But ultimately this could become an issue. D: Consider moving admin commands to having a seperate symbol something like a !, or even a ? might work. Just unify and collect them and then don't expose them to the player side of the client.

Finally this is a long post so I want to reiterate a couple things. This was prompted by a reddit post Johnny made on /r/muds. And I figured I'd give it a shot and consider what things needed to be considered development wise on my own. Both to inform me on the effort it would take(A lot, this was about an hour of reading and writing commands and then another 30 minutes of writing it all out) You can tell I got very bored by the end as I stopped offering truly thoughtful commentary because of the effort the thought took.

I would encourage those reading to consider some commands they use in practice. What the constraints of them are, and think about any flaws with commands you have used that might be worthy of collection here.

Thank you for posting this! If anything, if helped me learn a few new things. Also, until maybe two weeks ago, I had no idea why some commands had an @ proceeding them! Is it was in the initial tutorial, that went over my head.
Good write up. Some history in why some of these commands are @ or use _ ...

Some of these commands exist in stock LambdaMOO. @look_place may be one of them.

I'm into the idea of clarifying the syntax and standardizing it-- though I don't want to mess up the older folks who know these commands as they are so I might alias them.

Some commands exist on players but aren't usable because #6 on LambdaMOO is the generic player which all players including admin are descendents of. We could definitely clean some of these up though.

Appreciate you taking the time! I will run through these a but more when I'm not on a mobile.

Also, it's ok to discuss ic commands. We just need to be careful not to discuss them in the context of ic events

If you want to discuss the expose command for instance that is acceptable, just not in reference o the time you exposed your secret tattoo to Joe Baka on Fuller St and got killed.