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Unfinished robot parts, frames

This is not so much a complaint or a problem, as a check in about planned development.

Robotics and rigging got a big overhaul and new systems, but was never finished and there are now orphan frames without parts (cyberdog) and orphan parts that never had a frame released (r/sACD). All (or many) of these have object names, so it seems like they were at least partially implemented, but never got to the release stage. It's hard to tell from the player side whether these listings are just names that correspond to nothing on the backend, or whether there's all the necessary coded parts ready to go and perhaps just lacking from final touches.

My (perhaps mistaken) impression was the finished state for things was meant to be something like:

Starter Non-Combat (Felibot), Starter Combat (Cyberdog)

Advanced Non-Combat (Akashic), Advanced Combat (Eisenhower)

Flying Non-Combat (sACD), Flying Combat (rACD)

I could be wrong about some of the planned implementation/intent, but despite how much backend work was done and the sheer number of items and messaging that was added, the functionality has stalled out on FeliBots for 99% of riggers which makes for pretty limited gameplay.

If it's a case of there being coded systems in place and just a large backlog of descriptions/messaging required then I would happily volunteer to write any or all of it.

And if all those frames/parts are just price board listings without any meaningful code behind them, is there any sense of what kind of development efforts would be needed to implement them?

Finally if there's no real development time available to finish these systems, I think we should consider adding ORBs as an available-to-all retail mid-point option between FeliBots and humanoid bots. Even if they're not yet set up to disassemble into component parts like the rest, they're otherwise completely finished robots with decent functionality and good gameplay, and in lieu of there being further development it would give rigging more of a real backbone so the archetype can grow beyond basics.

Per Mirage's patch note a year ago (the 'Return of Flying Robots') the sACD robot type was finished and was (apparently) ready for introduction into the game.

There's a pretty massive gap in robotic functionality right now because there's only really one frame available to most players, if these robots are finished on the backend any chance we can see them be introduced to the shops? Rigging could really use the functionality if these systems are coded and items just need to be populated.