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Unscan becoming unsafe
Changes to output options and unscan leading to bad outcomes

I can foresee the new unscan becoming like the old hardware reset causing unexpectedly bad outcomes for players. From what I can tell this makes things like bridging in the wrong direction or scanning the wrong hubs together lead to unrecoverable states and parts of a network maybe needing to be rebuilt.

There is some expectation put on players to experiment and learn how the new system works, but I think this can be unexpectedly dangerous to do the way it is now. Especially because this command is completely safe in other contexts, and was safe to use before the changes.

Might it be more intuitive to have hubs just use scan and reset, and maybe consider adding device-preserving hub separation to the network scanner? I can imagine network pros wanting to restructure network connections without rebuilding the network in the bargain.

Adjusted. Locking this thread.