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Vehicle Parts Issues

Bugbears with the new vehicle systems that I think could use a review, some or many of these may be intentional but I think all of them are pretty confusing or make the system more counter-intuitive than it really needs to be:

+ Fuel efficiency ratings are the opposite of how basically any person would understand them, reducing fuel efficiency is not understood by most people to be making a vehicle more fuel efficient.

+ Part attributes are color coded green for increase, and red for decrease, even if increasing is bad and decreasing is good. I think the color coding here is worse than nothing at all since it implies outcomes that may not be true.

+ EconoFuel-33 and standard Aerodyne Power Plants are now identical objects, even though one is much much more expensive and strongly suggests fuel efficiency by virtue of naming and cost. This may also be true of car and bike engines, I didn't check.

+ Heavy Vector Nozzles only have downsides and are more expensive. I have to imagine at some point these were either intended to be more durable, or add armor, and it was just forgotten about.

+ Nowhere in any of the parts attributes does it meaningfully communicate how parts will change vehicle throttle/gear options, which is probably the most common reason for upgrading parts.

+ Radically, Greatly and Majorly are of pretty dubious relative escalation even to a native speaker. Numerical or Letter ratings would be much more coherent.

+ Being able to somehow see a vehicle's overall ratings for handling, power, fuel efficiency, shifting speed, and armor would be really, really useful. Trying to tally up a screen of adverbs is migraine inducing.

+ If parts are going to have attributes shown to players with the right skills, I think these attributes should be documented somewhere. Handling and Power would be pretty easily understood to most as 'easier to control' and 'go faster' but neither of those end up true in most cases. There is precedent here by documenting @stats.