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What @tutorials do we need?
Please give you suggestions!

Hey All -

Many of you are aware we have a series of @tutorials that teach:

1. Speaking

2. Emote/Pose

3. Examine

These are scripted tutorials which walk you through the basics in a semi-interactive fashion. I am interested in your thoughts on what kinds of tutorials the game could use.

For those of you who spend a lot of time answering questions on game-help... what could we create tutorials for that would allow players to find this information on their own, or that you could point new players to as a means of answering their questions.

For those of you who are new, or who remember being new, what tutorials might have helped you?

Please consider the constraints of the system when you make your suggestions. It can't be something crazy complex. It has to be something scriptable and repeatable that I can code up and that will be accessible forever.


-- S

I don't recall if any of the other tutorials handle this, but basic interaction with crucial objects. I think one of the most asked questions on xgame is how to open doors/lockers. I just replayed the examine tutorial and that has the player push a button, but doors are pretty important for basic movement and safety in the world. I'm thinking something like 4. Interaction tutorial which has the player sweep through a few rooms with different kinds of doors going in all directions, maybe with some other objects (like rent kiosks, seating and maybe phones or vehicles?) thrown into the mix.
Great idea! I will look into developing something like that.
Some of the commands that baffled me as a newbie, and took xhelping to find out:




load batteries in X

unload batteries in X

All sort of doors/buttons etc as kroack mentioned


Having those covered in tutorial(s) would be awesome.

I know this might be just newb talk but maybe something a little more in depth in combat.

And a more robust intro into getting a job.

Hey Dynamojonesjr -

It's hard to do combat in a tutorial because of damage, and the possibility of dying. It's really best to learn that in character by sparring with another character at the gym. There are a lot of players out there that would be willing to teach a new player the ropes of combat, and given that a lot of in character things (like weapons, gear, armor) effect combat, it's a more effective way to learn.

The best possible way to learn is to use Super Happy Fun Land's VR experience. It's cheap enough that anyone can afford it, and will let you completely simulate combat.

I'll try to brainstorm some ways we could do a more in depth explanation, via a tutorial. Perhaps I can think of a way to use the VR combat engine-- but it would be a fair amount of work, so it's not something I can bang out quickly.

As for the job intro-- have you seen this training video I made? You might find it helpful, I think it's linked from the 'help job' help file but can't remember off the top of my head:

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

-- S

A description tutorial, explaining coverage, and clothing as well as how @nakeds appear, and what to do when you see a shrouded person that you think you may know OOCly who they are.